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Eight essential points for marketers to survive in digital era

In this fast-changing landscape, it is important for marketers to understand how to optimally use digital mediums and tools and adapt themselves accordingly

Digital marketing in India is growing more than any other mediums. With its cost efficiency, apparent measurability and increasing purchasing power among the millennials, brands, both old and emerging, are trying to leverage this medium for better growth.

And it is not just the marketers who are looking towards the digital space to propel their businesses to the next stage. Ashish Bhasin, Chairman and CEO South Asia Dentsu Aegis Network, had said at a recent event that by 2020, more than 50 per cent of his organisation’s revenue will come from digital.


In such a scenario, it is important for marketers to understand how to optimally use digital mediums and tools and adapt themselves to this fast-changing landscape. spoke to Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin; Joy Chatterjee, AGM, Mankind Pharmaceuticals and Kamal Kant Mishra, Associate Vice-President and Head of Marketing, Greenply, to understand what are some of the essential points marketers should keep in mind to survive in the digital era.

  1. Choose the right platform for your target audience:

Before implementing an outreach strategy, it is important to keep in mind that certain audience resonate to a certain media platform. Therefore, setting one’s media budget as per one’s target audience and need of the brand becomes imperative.

For example if you are targeting the younger generation then it is important to have a digital leg for your marketing exercise. As most youngsters are digital savvy, having a digital presence will ensure that you catch more relevant eyeballs than just being present on traditional media.

  1. Create content that is relevant, unique and of high-quality:

To ensure customer engagement, one must keep the content on their website or social media intriguing so that it holds the consumer’s interest.

Just creating content is not enough. Today, people have enough and more options when it comes to content consumption and therefore, in this scenario it becomes imperative that one’s content is not just interesting but also relevant. If people feel that the content you provide them is of some use to them then there are more chances of them coming back to you in the future.

  1. Build relationship with customers:

Simply promoting the content or maintaining engaging content isn’t sufficient. Set aside time to react to customer queries, suggestions and appreciations on your platforms.

Unlike earlier, when conversation was one-way, today technology has made it possible for brands to have meaningful interaction with their consumers. Today, if consumers are happy they will air their opinions on public forums and social media platforms. But they will also take to these platforms if they are unhappy with your products and services. So, catering to consumers’ queries, providing solutions and engaging them in conversation becomes important.

  1. Mobile considerations:

Keep in mind that majority of the customers access the internet through their mobile devices. Always prepare campaigns keeping in mind their mobile functionality.

It is all about ease today. If watching your content takes effort, people will move on to easier options as there is no dearth of them.

  1. Testing your campaign:

Before rolling out the campaign for the public, it would be wise to conduct multiple test runs on multiple devices to check for any glitches or mistakes on the website/microsite. At the same time, make sure to proof-check the content for any errors.

  1. Optimising your website:

Optimising your website will help the search engines identify what your website is all about and will increase visibility for the customers looking for the same.

  1. Incorporate creative elements:

Visual elements appeal to the customers the most. To catch the eye of the audience, make sure to incorporate unique and creative visual elements into your ads for its success. A visual is worth a thousand alphanumeric characters.

  1. Learning and re-learning:

It’s important for the marketer to create a digital culture to survive in a digital world, as all actions follow from the culture. The marketing head should ensure that the team relearns and refreshes digital skills more frequently, as it is one medium that is constantly upgrading and re-inventing itself, and it will not allow you to settle down and get into a comfort zone.

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