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Spikes Asia 2017: Facebook Creative Shop’s Juhi Kalia explains how to create content that grabs attention

On the second day of Asia’s biggest advertising festival, Kalia, head of Facebook Creative Shop India and global accounts APAC, talked about three important aspects of creating good content in the times where catching a consumer’s attention has become very difficult for brands: Agility, bravery and collaboration

On the second day of Spikes Asia 2017, Juhi Kalia, Head of Facebook Creative Shop India, and Global accounts APAC, talked about brands getting consumer attention in the times of a plethora of content and the reducing attention span of people.

Kalia said we are living in the time of attention economy. Out of total content going out in the world, 84 per cent is wasted and only 16 per cent work is bringing in brand recall, said Kalia, referring to a research report. In 2000, a consumer’s attention span was 12 seconds, in 2013, it was eight seconds and it has now reduced to 2.8 seconds in the Generation Z era, Kalia said.

Kalia explained further, “This is a challenging time. We are going through a transformation. It is no more a competition between agencies, but with anyone with a camera. Everyone is creative. So much content is out there.”

It is important to be on time, be able to take risk and work in collaboration.


Kalia said it is good spending time preparing campaigns, but reaching consumers at the right time is equally important. Remembering the time when she used to work on any brand campaign, she used to spend a lot of time in preparing, getting insights, ideas and then used to shoot something. “It was great. Preparation is important, but sometimes timing is everything. It is critical to get it on time, even if it is not perfect.”

She spoke about the ‘Spanish Lessons’ campaign, which was timed right and fetched a lot of applause and consumer attention.


Kalia said bravery does not necessarily mean working for a brave cause, but creative bravery. “As we get senior, we get fancy titles and we become far more accountable for something that might or might not work. It takes courage to take a couple of risks. If it doesn’t work, they will only learn something.”

Explaining the topic, Kalia gave the example of the ‘Ikea Human Catalogue’ campaign.

The campaign:


True creative collaboration happens when you leave your ego at the door and everyone just wants to make the work better, said Kalia. In this challenging time, where the consumers' attention span has reduced to 2.8 seconds versus 12 seconds in 2000, it is important to acknowledge this fact. At times, we tend to be self-indulgent and don’t really realise that it is time to reach out to people wherever we can and that needs collaboration, Kalia said.

Ending the session, Kalia said that the human mind can register an image into memory in 0.25 seconds. Mobile has become an important tool to reach out to the consumers. It is one thing that stays with the consumer 24x7. Therefore, it is necessary for agencies and content creators to reach out to consumers on mobile and create content that can be noticed by them on-the-go without spending much time.

“Small screens and reduced attention span don't mean smaller ideas. One can build big ideas for smaller attention span,” said Kalia.

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