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Nicotex captures a smoker’s emotional battle to quit the habit

Conceptualised by Soho Square, the latest spot of Nicotex explains that stopping smoking may be difficult but it is not impossible

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Quitting a bad habit is not easy and smoking is known for this notorious nature. For smokers, there are constant struggles, repeated attempts and unsettled emotions. However, many times, a smoker's unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking are misunderstood as mere lack of intent. But families and friends can help a smoker quit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding the significance, the new TVC for Nicotex, from the house of Cipla Health, captures a smoker’s struggle in his own words. Conceptualised by Soho Square, Mumbai, the TVC focuses on the smoker’s dilemma in his journey from smoking to quitting.

The 35-second TVC delves into the mindset of a smoker and shows the journey he has gone through – it captures and empathises with his struggle in his attempts to quit smoking. The TVC effectively communicates that quitting might be difficult but not impossible. A little help is what makes it possible. Nicotex, with its Nicotine Replacement Therapy, helps smokers quit smoking in just 12 weeks.

Himava Nath

Himava Nath, Chief Marketing Officer, Cipla Health, said, “To quit smoking is not easy. It is an emotional battle for a smoker and his/her family. Our new TVC puts that across by taking inspiration from real-life incidences. The challenges are real and we hope the new TVC connects with the audience and helps them take the leap to a healthy lifestyle.”

Anuraag Khandelwal

The TVC has used an anecdote of a smoker who assures the viewer that everyone can quit smoking. Talking about the TVC, Anuraag Khandelwal, Executive Creative Director and Creative Head, Soho Square, Mumbai, added, “It has always been a question as to what can make smokers quit. While nobody seems to have an answer to this, everyone starts blaming a smoker when he cannot quit smoking despite several attempts. The new Nicotex TVC empathises with such smokers. A strong, real life insight always helps connect better with the audience.”



Head of Office: Samrat Bedi

Creative Team: Anuraag Khandelwal, Ankur Jain, Sanjay Ujawane, Vikrant Markal, Tiyasha

Ray, Pawan Pandey and Sneha Dhakan

Account Management: Sachin Ramchandani, Swapnil Salvi and Selvam Somasundaram

Production House: Black Pictures

Director: Harsha Prabhakar Rao

Producer: Vrinda Mohta Rao

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