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comScore opens global access to free viewability measurement

Announced in April, the platform is now available to worldwide advertisers, publishers, agencies and ad networks to promote trust and transparency in digital advertising

comScore has announced that it has extended access to its free viewability measurement solution around the globe. First announced in April 2017, comScore Viewability has completed live testing by worldwide advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad networks, and is now broadly available.

comScore Viewability is a self-service solution that enables clients to continuously measure digital campaigns within and across publishers and ad networks through an easy-to-use interface that reports baseline display and video viewability metrics. Providing broad access to viewability metrics promotes trust and transparency in advertising and shifts focus toward more advanced measures of ad impact, such as in-target reach and frequency and lift in brand equity, sales, or visits to retail stores and other destinations.

“We’re now several years into the viewability debate, yet it seems like our industry is having the same conversations while overlooking advertisers’ more critical needs,” said Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at comScore. “By offering free viewability measurement, we’re taking a stand to help marketers benefit from more meaningful metrics, such as who is truly being reached and the impact of creative and placement decisions.”

“If we’re to achieve true cross-platform measurement, we need to be confident that impressions are being measured on the same ‘opportunity to see’ basis that has been a standard for decades in television,” Hess continued, “By making viewability a given, we’re enabling clients to connect the dots and understand the total impact of advertising investments across both digital and TV.”

comScore Viewability uses the same measurement tag and technology as comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), meaning the metrics provided in comScore Viewability will align with vCE-reported data. vCE is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for both display and video viewability for impressions in desktop and mobile environments, and includes filtering of both general and sophisticated invalid traffic (IVT). comScore Viewability is not accredited at this time.

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