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Xpert takes an initiative to reduce load on homemakers, urges us to ‘use one less’ utensil

The brand urges family members to lessen the burden on the person who is washing them. The campaign has been conceptualised by ADK Fortune

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Xpert, a dishwash brand from RSPL Group, has in almost all its ads tried to portray how its products have made the life of homemakers easier. This time around, the brand has come up with a different initiative, Use One Less campaign.

Conceptualised by ADK Fortune, the video opens in a house where a lady is busy taking care of her children, in-laws and husband and doing everything on her own. At night, when her husband asks her to go out and have ice-cream, she shows him how the sink full of utensils as not one member thought of using one less utensil.

Through this campaign, the brand aims to focus on the extra utensils we use. It urges family members to be more sensitive towards the homemaker and use fewer utensils so that she has to wash less and can spend some time on her own and with her family. A simple act of using one utensil less decreases the load on the homemaker.

Speaking about the initiative, Sanjay Tandon, Consumer Marketing Lead, RSPL, said, “While Xpert Dishwash already enjoys a strong market position, it’s also important to continue investing in enhancing goodwill for brands beyond their conventional product claims. Towards this, I am sure our new communication being released in digital and mainline will further build Xpert’s affinity as a bold, experimental and endearing brand.”

Tamanna Virmani, AVP and Sr. CD, ADK Fortune, said, “Insights come from watching life closely. When I saw utensils being used carelessly at my home, I knew we were sitting on a problem that needs to be addressed. We don’t even realise it when we add one more utensil to the sink, but it is hard work for the woman. We need to change this behaviour by using one less. So, the woman can get one more minute for herself.”

Speaking about Xpert’s latest initiative, Akashneel Dasgupta, Sr. Vice-President & Executive Creative Director, ADK Fortune, said , “As per our research, we came to know that there is an indiscriminate use of utensils. People tend to eat more utensils than they eat, which essentially piles up the extra work of the homemaker. Apart from the metro cities, there are places where the ladies in the family wash dishes and for them, it’s that much an extra load. Ideally, a utensil bar should come and say that use extra utensils so that I’m used more but here we are actually taking a reverse order. We are trying to create social awareness so that someone can get more time for themselves.”

In their earlier campaigns, the brand featured celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra and Madhuri Dixit. But this time, it has showcased the daily struggling life of a homemaker.

“Earlier we have done celebrity endorsements for the brand and the basic purpose was to establish the brand, to sell, to communicate, to bring brand recall, to work on brand promise. The brand is popular now and we need not make people aware about it anymore. Of course, what we are doing now, it’s more about the goodwill and it is more of a socially responsible campaign and not a sale-oriented approach,” said Dasgupta.

The TVC:


Client: RSPL Group

Agency: ADK Fortune

Director: Vijay Veermal

Producer: Roopali Singhal

Production house: Chrome Pictures


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