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Prega News ties up with SpiceJet to make flying comfortable for would-be moms

As a part of this initiative, SpiceJet aircraft Boeing 737-800 series has been fully wrapped with Prega News branding. From ticket booking to reaching the destinations, expecting mothers will be provided with special attention to make their air travel enjoyable

(Left) Rajeev Juneja and Debojo Maharshi (Right)

Pregnancy detection kit of Mankind Pharmaceuticals, Prega News, has joined hands with SpiceJet aircraft to make air travel of pregnant women more comfortable and enjoyable.

As a part of this collaboration, SpiceJet aircraft Boeing 737-800 series has been fully wrapped with Prega News branding. From ticket booking to reaching the destinations, the mothers-to-be will get special attention from the SpiceJet team inside the Prega News wrapped aircraft.

The SpiceJet team will assist the women from the check-in point to the collection of luggage, from the conveyor belt on arrival, speedy check-in through Spicemax counters, early boarding announcements, upgrades to Spicemax economy seats which have more leg room and offer them comfortable seats.
They will be served free meals during the journey. Fifteen expecting mother passengers will be given free tickets and will be pampered with gift hampers by Mankind Pharma.

This collaboration has been done after the success of Prega News’ previous digital campaign, which was launched around Mothers’ Day, #YourSecondHome.

Speaking about the initiative, Rajeev Juneja, CEO, Mankind Pharma, said, “Prega News is a leading brand in pregnancy detection kits. Our focus has always been women and how to make life comfortable and easy for expectant mothers. Through our campaigns, we acknowledge one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life, which is ‘motherhood’. In our first campaign, we had highlighted issues concerning pregnant women and work place challenges. The current campaign is about taking care and pampering pregnant women during the travels. We are sure our campaigns will connect with our target audience and touch an emotional chord leading to a changing dynamic in the workforce.”

Speaking about the association, Debojo Maharshi, Chief Marketing Officer, SpiceJet, said, “SpiceJet is excited to be associated with Mankind Pharma in their upcoming campaign for expecting mothers. We at SpiceJet felt that this was a unique initiative as well as an opportunity to do our bit for the ‘real creators’ that is, mothers! Being a partner in this integration, SpiceJet is pledging its prime real estate, i.e. plane wrap for the integration. The wrap will cover both sides of the aircraft. We feel that this wrap will add gravitas to the initiative and give the much-deserved impetus to it.”

“As soon as Mankind Pharma told us about this initiative, we understood that it has a very strong social message behind this. We thought of building our share of voice regarding the same. This was a campaign where one can make expecting mothers feel special and we became a part of it,” SpiceJet shared.

Asked if such an initiative is going to make an impact, Maharshi, said, “Of course, consumers will consider us to be a more caring brand, which loves to give something additional to expecting mothers and that’s a nice message to spread across.”

Holding around 13 per cent of the market share in the aviation industry, SpiceJet has gained profits every quarter after its financial crisis in 2014. It is one among the first airlines that connects almost all corners of the country.

Asked about its competitors, Maharshi, said, “There are very few airlines in the industry and everyone who is working in the industry is our competitor.”

Though Prega News has done work around pregnant women earlier as well, this is for the first time they are doing it with SpiceJet. They also have plans to promote it jointly across all their social channels.

Usually, we don’t see many ads coming from the aviation industry. Why is this so? “I think SpiceJet is the only brand you will see releasing full and the large format ads. Everybody has their own marketing idea and one cannot comment on that or strategies of others. But we believe in large format ads and we have been doing this through the leading publications.”

India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets but airlines still face a lot of challenges. “For a low cost airlines, one of the challenges is fuel has to be at a correct price. India is definitely fastest growing aviation markets. The market is growing at 23% and it is the fastest growing market in the world. Probably around 3-4 per cent of the entire country is flying and we see that apart from challenges, the country has lot of potential for aviation,” concluded Maharshi.

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