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28 MSOs registered by MIB in July

The total number of MSOs stands at 1455, which can operate from anywhere in the country

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has registered 28 new multi-system operators (MSOs) in July, taking the total figure to 1455. Last month, in June, 26 licences were registered.

These include four MSOs from Andhra Pradesh, four from West Bengal, three from Odisha, two from Gujarat, two from Uttar Pradesh and two from Madhya Pradesh among many other states where in a single MSO got registered.

MSOs that got registered by MIB in July, 2017
MSO Name State
Brundaban Setlite Odisha 
Mahakash Cable  West Bengal
]Rajhans Cable Network Gujarat
Omm Cable Network Odisha 
Sri Rajan Reddy Andhra Pradesh
Kasu Communication Network Andhra Pradesh
Anjaneya Cable Net Andhra Pradesh
Khan Cable Networks Uttar Pradesh
Amareshwar Cable TV Karnataka
JBP Cable Network  Madhya Pradesh
Sukanta Ten Digital Cable Odisha 
Shiv Digitek Private Rajasthan  
Brambhani Traders West Bengal
E Square Info Solutions Tamil Nadu
High Media Infotainment West Bengal
GTPL Jay Santoshima Gujarat
Arkays Digital Media Pvt. Telangana
North Star Satellite Cable Jammu and Kashmir
Barman Cable Network West Bengal
GTPL Deesha Cable Net Jharkhand
TCN Enterprises Haryana
Dipali Cable Network Assam
Umbrella Cable Systems Uttar Pradesh
Friend Star Cable Andhra Pradesh
Shri Chamunda Cable Himachal Pradesh
Reachnet SSS Maharashtra
Comstar Digital Networks Madhya Pradesh
Cochin News Network Kerala

The list of MSOs that were registered in July includes Brundaban Setlite Communication (Odisha), Mahakash Cable (West Bengal), Rajhans Cable Network (Gujarat), Omm Cable Network (Odisha), Sri Ramkanth Village Cable Network (Andhra Pradesh), Kasu Communication Network (Andhra Pradesh), Anjaneya Cable Net (Andhra Pradesh), Khan Cable Networks (Uttar Pradesh), Amareshwar Cable TV Network (Karnataka), JBP Cable Network (Madhya Pradesh), Sukanta Ten Digital Cable (Odisha), Shiv Digitek Private Limited (Rajasthan), Brambhani Traders (West Bengal), Info Solutions (Tamil Nadu), High Media Infotainment India (West Bengal), GTPL Jay Santoshima Network (Gujarat), Arkays Digital Media (Telangana), North Star Satellite Cable (Jammu and Kashmir), Barman Cable Network (West Bengal), GTPL Deesha Cable Net (Jharkhand), TCN Enterprises (Haryana),  Dipali Cable Network (Assam), Umbrella Cable Systems (Uttar Pradesh), Friend Star Cable Network (Andhra Pradesh), Shri Chamunda Cable Network (Himachal Pradesh), Reachnet SSS Entertainment (Maharashtra), Comstar Digital Networks (Madhya Pradesh) and Cochin News Network (Kerala).

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