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Rupa reveals new brand philosophy for premier brands Macroman and Macrowoman

The brand has come up with a new campaign, featuring Ranbir Kapoor, that complements its new positioning ‘Live Open’

Rupa has unveiled the new positioning for its premier brands Macroman and Macrowoman. The new brand philosophy of ‘Live Open’ is being supported by a new campaign starring actor Ranbir Kapoor and is targeted at the youth. 

Vikash Agarwal

Speaking about why they believe this is the right time for this new positioning and the need for one, Vikash Agarwal, President and Brand Director, Macroman and Macrowoman, said, “The Indian growth story depends upon the millennials and this campaign is for the youth and this is the first time the brand is standing for the youth.”

“Amidst the players dominating the market today, Macroman aims to be the most admired one for its international design aesthetics, in depth and continuous R&D, the best of fabrics, in short the best wearable premium experience. Our communication campaign is designed to further deliver this objective. The campaign is aimed at making Macroman M-Series synonymous with youth, style and fashion. It is in true sense, the ‘inner’ voice of today’s generation,” he added.

Commenting on bringing in Kapoor, Agarwal said, “We wanted to have an emotional connect with our audience and Ranbir Kapoor is the perfect link as he is a living embodiment of Macroman with his bold choices and unapologetic way of living. Suave and sophisticated, Ranbir Kapoor was our first choice as he not only connects with the youth, but is the youth. Young, bold and immensely talented, this blue-eyed boy is the perfect fit for our new positioning.”

The brand film for Macroman shows Kapoor breaking stereotypes with a monologue in the background that talks about various expectations and prejudices of the society and how he has only two words for nay-sayers. ‘Live Open’. The ad film for Macrowoman also is a montage of women challenging stereotypes.

Rupa that enjoys a market share of around 10-12 per cent in the organised sector is looking to increase its market share for its premium brand with this new campaign. Agarwal also confirmed that the marketing spend on the campaign was 8-9 per cent of the topline.


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