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DDB Mudra West wins creative mandate for Wagga Wagga Cooking Oil

The win comes after a multi-agency pitch. The account will be handled by agency’s Mumbai office

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Following a multi- agency pitch, DDB Mudra West has bagged the branding and communications services for Wagga Wagga Cooking Oil. The account is being led by the agency’s Mumbai office and is spearheaded by Shally Mukherjee, Senior Vice President & Business Partner, DDB Mudra West.

Wagga Wagga gets its name from the Wagga Wagga region in Australia, from where the cooking oils are sourced and brought to India. The company’s factory is located in the pristine fields of Wagga Wagga. There is minimal human intervention in extraction and transportation of the oil, so that the goodness and purity of the source is retained. There are also no chemicals added in the oil. Coming from a place where the air, soil and water are pure, brings the brand to their tagline ‘Purity, straight from the source’.

The brand is launching in India with four variants - Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care, Wagga Wagga Heart care, Wagga Wagga Sautés & Salads and Wagga Wagga Superfry. Each of these variants fills a specific need gap in Indian households. India ranks among the top 3 countries with a high Diabetic population, which makes Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care oil suited for most Indian households. Superfry will be India’s first oil specifically made for frying, while Wagga Wagga Sautés & Salads caters to the growing population of Indians experimenting with continental food. Wagga Wagga Heart Care is geared to make an entry into every home, considering it is launching in a country that takes heart heath seriously.

Rajiv Sabnis

Commenting on the win, Rajiv Sabnis, Executive Director, DDB Mudra Group & Managing Partner, DDB Mudra West said, “This is an interesting edible oil range being launched in the health space. Health & Wellness is becoming an increasingly relevant and future-focused space in India. With the specialized diabetes care oil being launched to begin with. Wagga Wagga promises to create a differentiated, quality offering to Indian consumers. It will be an exciting challenge to establish Wagga Wagga in a highly competitive and price-sensitive market. We look forward to the opportunity to partner this brand."

Wagga Wagga wanted to launch in India with their Diabetes care variant. The agency was given the task of creating a multi-media campaign that would communicate the superior benefits of the product, the pristine origins of the brand and the distinguished product benefits. The agency had to get the product noticed among other more established edible oil brands.

In India, health oils are mostly associated with heart health, because of relentless advertising by several brands over the years. But Diabetes is as common as heart disease, especially in India. It is a silent killer that is being spoken about by very few brands in the edible oil space. Hence, to introduce the product to consumers and to create awareness around it, the agency tapped on the key pain point of Indian diabetics – Loving food, but having to restrict their diet. Based on the age-old insight that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, the campaign firmly establishes Wagga Wagga Diabetes care as the perfect ingredient to help control blood sugar without cutting down on one’s favourite food. 

To establish the origins of the product, the brand is personified through the character of Lucy Kaur – an Australian by birth and an Indian by heart. She is married to a Sikh man and is determined to win the hearts of her new Indian family. The opening film takes the viewers through Lucy’s introduction to her new family. The stern patriarch of the family is displeased by his son’s decision to marry a non-Indian woman. Lucy undergoes a series of disapproving confrontations until the day she cooks aloo tikki (potato patty), her father-in-law’s favourite dish. The fact that it is made in Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care oil so that her father-in-law can eat it, makes her break the ice with her new family. Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care oil thus becomes “the Australian that helps control blood sugar”.

The three 20 seconder films in the series take viewers through Lucy’s journey in her Indian household post marriage, highlighting key brand features. In one of the films, the loving mother-in-law proudly offers a range of tasty party snacks to her snobbish kitty party members while praising Lucy for cooking them in Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care Oil. This was when the mom in law’s friends were teasing her for serving bland, diabetic food. In another film, Lucy’s extremely fit father walks into Lucy’s Punjabi home, making everyone believe in the goodness of the Wagga Wagga region. In the third film, the father-in-law jokes about his son inheriting Diabetes, knowing that it won’t happen considering Lucy cooks food in Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care oil.  

The films break the format of health focused edible oil communication, by adding a dash of light-hearted humour, while tugging at emotions through a family drama. This campaign is further being supported by digital, print and other radio activation announcing the launch.

Sujay Naik

Sujay Naik, Project Director, Agro Global Resources, said, “With a brand name like Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care Oil, you pretty much get the idea what the product is all about. This makes life simple for the consumer - but for the marketer is also a challenge. We didn’t want the brand to come across as medicinal or being exclusively for the diabetic patients. We didn’t want it to be preachy or prescriptive. Plus the brand and product have multiple differentiators, we wanted to do justice to all of them without diluting the core proposition. The biggest challenge is creating communication which consumers will actually register, rather than the paint-by-the-numbers approach which is so prevalent, and so happily ignored by consumers.”

“The DDB team worked hard in understanding the consumer and crafting an insight, to building an endearing story around it. The resulting communication strategy is distinct, with an engaging story which consumers enjoy watching.  It has been an absolutely fruitful association with the team, and we look forward to seeing what Lucy does from here,” added Naik.

Rahul Mathew

Rahul Mathew, National Creative Director, DDB Mudra Group, said, "There is an incredible source story that Wagga Wagga can boast of. Along with the health benefits of it being a diabetes management oil. We wanted to make sure we communicate all of that in an interesting manner. And Lucy was the marriage of all our intents.”

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Agency: DDB Mudra West

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral

President and Managing Partner, DDB Mudra West: Rajiv Sabnis

Account Planning Team: Amit Kekre, Mehak Jaini, Neha Kulkarni

Creative Team: Rahul Mathew, Kunj Shah, Manish Darji, Fritz Gonsalves, Prasad Rao, Arun Ganesh, Mahima Mathur, Naresh Dhondi, Akshay Keluskar, Bhaskar Dwivedi

Account Management Team: Shally Mukherjee, Yugandhar Madidi, Colin Myers            

Films Team: Vishal Sane, Meenaz Lala

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