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Tata Super Ace makes dreams come true for aspiring entrepreneurs

The campaign conceptualised by Rediffusion Y&R celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth across various markets, encouraging them to believe in themselves and ‘Drive their own life’

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Tata Motors is launching an international campaign for the Philippines and Vietnam markets for its commercial vehicle Tata Ace. The campaign will also be run in Indonesia and Thailand.

With rapid development in these countries, Tata Motors wants to team up with aspiring entrepreneurs and empower them with a business asset of their own. Through this campaign, the company brands Tata Super Ace as a vehicle that can be customised for various small-scale business operations for the transportation of construction items, food grains, fruits, FMCG and white goods or configured to be a food truck, refrigerated van or a mobile store on wheels.

The new ad campaign, ‘Drive Your Own life’ showcases Tata Super Ace as a valuable partner in joining aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to be financially independent. The vehicle is a one tonne mini-truck from Tata Motors, for inter-city and intra-city transportation solutions. Powered by a 1400 cc diesel engine, the vehicle is the most optimal last-mile mobility or transportation solution present in the market and offers customers an opportunity to start their dream business with a very small investment.

Rudrarup Maitra, Head, International Business, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, said, “Tata Super Ace continues to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the aspiring youth across various markets. Our new Tata Super Ace TV commercial echoes this philosophy of Tata Motors, complementing the joyous spirit of these regions, encouraging people to believe in themselves and ‘Drive their own life.’ A comprehensive campaign has been worked out to drive this message in Philippines and Vietnam, starting with our new 30-second television commercial that is running across various TV channels, starting June 1, 2017.”

The one-minute ad film starts off with showing people who are not happy in their jobs and are missing freedom -- a chef, a construction worker, a security guard and a housekeeping staff. The film goes on to show how all these men finally get the strength and courage to break the shackles of employment and embrace entrepreneurship because of Tata Super Ace’s multi-usage capacity, as depicted by the ad film.

Dhunji S Wadia, President Rediffusion Y&R, said, “This is a comprehensive campaign that complements different cultures and aspiring entrepreneurs. We are confident that ‘Drive your life’ campaign will make the Tata Super Ace mini-truck proposition successful and strengthen the overall spirit of entrepreneurship in these international markets.”

Pramod Sharma, Executive Creative Director Rediffusion Y&R, said, “Tata Super Ace is a stepping stone to success. It’s an enabler. It empowers the youth to start a business of their own, which helps transforms them from an employee to an entrepreneur. That was the precise brief and insight we received and we immediately latched upon. Our communication featured people who are giving away their jobs because they have discovered how to take their life forward. They are full of confidence as they can now drive their own life and accelerate on the path to success. The challenge was to make the ad inspirational. The outcome has been great. The best part is that the communication extends to the entire ASEAN region.”

The Tata Super Ace is based on the popular Tata Ace mini-truck from Tata Motors. The company claims to have sold over a million units since it was first launched in 2005; the Tata Ace is a revolutionary product and a result of Tata Motors’ deep understanding of the market and consumer. The Tata Super Ace is the preferred choice for last-mile transportation with a footprint spanning 28 countries across South Asia, Africa and the ASEAN.

The TVC:


Brand: Tata Super Ace
President: Dhunji S Wadia
CCO: Rahul Jauhari
Executive Creative Director: Pramod Sharma
Business Head: Avik Roy Choudhury
Creative Partner (Copy): Adarsh Deshbhratar
Creative Partner (Art): Yogesh Dugade, Paresh Jadhav
Director: Eric Will
Producer: Vijay Periera
Production House: Chris Chros films

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