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Ghadi urges to forget and forgive as some people are too precious to lose

The campaign conceptualised by ADK Fortune carries forward the brand philosophy of ‘#saaremaeldhodaalo’.Created around Eid, the brand urges people to erase the past, gather courage to just apologise and move on as it does not take much to say ‘sorry’

The RSPL Group, manufacturers and marketers of Ghadi detergent, has just unveiled a new campaign conceptualised by ADK Fortune, under the ‘#saaremaeldhodaalo’ brand idea, centred around Eid. Ghadi has positioned itself for cleansing beyond clothes. A couple of months back, it launched an ad based on the idea ‘#saaremaeldhodaalo’ timed alongside the festival of Holi, urging men not to apply colour on women without their consent.

The campaign tackles another kind of ‘mael’ or ‘ills’ in our minds. The insight that the brand has tapped into this time is: due to small misunderstandings, we lose out on certain people who might be dear to us. Call it ego or general reluctance to apologise, it complicates things and important relationships go missing from our lives forever. The sense of guilt and loss stays on our minds and over time we realise our mistake. This Eid, the brand urges people to make a new beginning by erasing the past and gathering the courage to just apologise and move on, because some people are too precious to lose. It does not take much to say a ‘sorry’.

Rahul Gyanchandani

Commenting on the initiative, Rahul Gyanchandani, Joint Managing Director, RSPL Group, said, “We are just taking our idea of ‘#saaremaeldhodaalo’ forward in the context of Eid and urging people to wash away the past and make a new beginning on this auspicious day. The Holi communication has generated tremendous goodwill for the brand and we expect even this communication to touch a chord.”

Akashneel Dasgupta

Akashneel Dasgupta, Senior VP and Executive Creative Director, ADK Fortune, added, “Under ‘#saaremaeldhodaalo’, our effort will be to continuously define and redefine the ‘mael’ to keep the audience engaged and waiting for the next.”

Subroto Pradhan, Managing Partner, ADK Fortune, also said, “We think the plank of ‘#saaremaeldhodaalo’ is broad enough to highlight many societal and personal triggers. It has enormous potential to lift Ghadi’s imagery beyond its superior cleaning credentials.”

In the film, a couple is shown doing preparations for Eid, when the wife asks her husband to call up people and say sorry for his petty misdeeds and invite them for Eid. The film continues while he make calls and towards the end one see all coming and having feast together. When everyone leaves, the husband again apologises to his wife for dirtying the table cloth with food stains. The wife replies that these marks will leave, but it’s more important to remove stains from the mind and heart.

The campaign is led by a film which would be aired on TV, cinema and digital mediums. It would be supported by print, radio and digital activation. The campaign is produced by Full Circle films.



Client: RSPL Ltd.

Joint Managing Director: Rahul Gyanchandani

Brand Team: Ashish Makhija, Geet Kiran, Varun Chauhan, Vaibhav Rai

Agency: ADK Fortune

Managing Partner: Subroto Pradhan

ECD: Akashneel Dasgupta

AVP & Sr CD: Tamanna Virmani

Creative Directors: Manish Negi, Manish Kinger

Account Management Team: Yashaswi Bhatt, Akhil Nijhawan, Vrinda Khurana

Production House: Full Circle Films

Director: Rahul Srivastava

Producers: Anand Wagle, Gautam Vaze

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