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Bajaj Electricals #MagicOfLight tells stories from India’s hinterlands

Created by OnAds communication, the commercial doesn’t boast or promise about what it will do but tells what it has done to light up India. The insights were taken from real situations the teams faced during the execution of projects across the length and breadth of the nation

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Bajaj Electricals, a company in the business of luminaires, transmission line towers, illumination and rural electrification projects, has launched a new television campaign (TVC) – #MagicOfLight. Created by OnAds communication, the commercial doesn’t boast or promise about what it will do but tells about what they have done.

Aimed at creating a visceral response, the film conveys three real-life stories from the interiors of the country with no trace of electricity. The film emphasises the role of Bajaj Electricals in impacting millions of lives through its lighting initiatives.

The objective of the campaign is to create awareness about the successfully designed and commissioned complex landmark infrastructure projects carried out by Bajaj Electricals. This is the first brand campaign by the company that played a crucial role in the infrastructure building for the country.

The campaign has three TVCs based on three stories set in three different interiors of India. The first campaign narrates the story of women in India forced to give up on their dreams of a career and self-sufficiency, because of dangers lurking around poorly lit streets. Bajaj Electricals has been working hard to light up the streets.

The second campaign tells the story of a man who earns his wages by driving a taxi in an urban city. He was forced to migrate to urban areas for employment, leaving behind his children. He returned to his children only when there was electricity in his village. Bajaj Electricals has over the years electrified more than 25,000 villages so that families can always be together.

For electricity to reach far-flung villages, one has to often pass transmission lines through forests and rivers. In order to save the animals from harm, Baja Electricals manufactured special double-height transmission poles so that electricity can reach even the remotest rural areas. The third campaign tells how a forest officer made that happen.

For over 75 years, Baja Electricals has worked to build a brand with a conscience. These stories are inspired by real-life incidents showcasing the #MagicOfLight. Apart from television, the campaign will be witnessed on digital and in cinemas.

Commenting on the films, Anant Bajaj, JMD, Bajaj Electricals, said, “The infrastructure we lay has a huge social and economic impact on the lives of people. We have literally crossed rivers, mountains and jungles to bring electricity to far-flung places in the country. And we do all this with great care and concern for the environment. The insights were taken from these real-life incidents that our teams have faced during the execution of various projects across the length and breadth of our great nation.”

“The stories in the campaign are inspired and dramatised versions of the stories that we heard from the Bajaj team. We thought it would be interesting to tell these stories through animation, like a fairy tale only to reveal that these are not fables but inspired true stories,” said Jignesh Maniar, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, OnAds Communications.

Peer Views:

Titus Upputuru

Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One, loved the way the campaign is executed. He said, “Lots of brands today are talking about goodness. Bajaj Electricals seems to ride the trend. Execution is lovely though! Casting is nice too.”

Rishi Chanana

Rishi Chanana, Executive Creative Director, Salt Brand Solutions, said, “The commercials are nicely written. The execution is well-crafted to portray the real stories of small villages and people who got enabled by the product. The disruptive thing about this beautifully directed campaign is that it doesn’t get restricted to typical kids’ studies or ambitions, they go beyond that and tells the stories of father and a government officer in a very cute execution style. Many congratulations to the team, great campaign. For me, it’s a winner in the craft. Feels nice to see such a campaign.”

The TVC:


Taxi Driver



Client: Bajaj Electricals

Agency: OnAds Communications

Founder and Chief Creative Officer: Jignesh Maniar

Creative Director: Shruti Nayak

Senior Vice-President: Sidhesh Pai

Brand Director: Geetika Khurana

Account Supervisor: Shreyas Kanhegaunkar

Production House: Hungry Films

Director: Vijay Sawant


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