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Neighbours’ favourite, Mr Murthy and his Voltas AC

The campaign is conceptualised by Soho Square with Mr Murthy who is back with a double bonanza – all-weather comfort and all-year savings

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Voltas recently launched its new range of ‘all-star inverter ACs’ and to effectively communicate the benefits of its all-weather air-conditioners, the company launched a new marketing campaign for 2017.

‘All-weather comfort with all-year savings’ is the next advertising campaign featuring a fictitious smart consumer named ‘Murthy’. The campaign conceptualised by Soho Square is the next phase of the popular ‘Murthy’ ad campaign for Voltas AC.

Mr Murthy has now become the smart consumer in the neighbourhood and is joined by his neighbours who visit him to experience the benefits of the all-weather AC. The strategy was to solve the pain-points arising from extreme weather conditions coupled with less energy consumption. The ‘all-weather’ benefit thus offered provides relief from more well-defined types of discomfort – heat, monsoon and cold.

Deba Ghoshal

Deba Ghoshal, Vice President-  Marketing & Key Accounts, Voltas, said, “This year Mr Murthy is back with a double bonanza – all-weather comfort plus all-year savings. We are confident that he will do justice to our core brand promise by engaging with the consumer in an interesting, yet meaningful manner.”

Insights from market research revealed that while there was a need for all-year and all-weather comfort, the unexpected electricity bills were still a pain point for the consumer. Hence, the new range of Voltas all-star inverter ACs. The communication task was to give the brand a competitive consideration and avail the benefits of inverter technology viz-a-viz savings.

The Soho Square spokesperson added, “Cultural insights revealed that people optimise AC usage at home due to fear of unexpected electricity bills. However, people look forward to visiting homes of neighbours who use their ACs generously. This was the ideal situation for Mr Murthy to become the ideal role-model for his smart neighbours. Since he had the Voltas all-star AC advantage; summer, winter or monsoon, he had neighbours visiting his house, without him worrying about electricity bills. The entire situation has been captured with a touch of quintessential humour, which the brand has always used effectively.”

The TVCs show that how Mr Murthy deals with his neighbours in all-weather conditions when they don’t want to leave his house and find reasons to return each time.

The TVCs:

President, Summer:

Yoga, Winter:

Tea Time, Monsoon:


Creative agency: Soho Square

Servicing: Dip Sengupta

Planning: Abhishek Chaturvedi

Creative: Krishna Mani

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