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Hamdard RoohAfza’s taste of rose with a fruity twist

Rediffusion Y&R has worked on the brand’s latest campaign and brings together a communication of this fusion of disparities, highlighting the fact that RoohAfza Fusion now comes with a tangy fruit twist. The TVC is supported by a 360 degree campaign

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We all remember the red coloured drink served to guests when we were kids and how we would eagerly wait for the drink to come to us -- the soothing taste of the sugary red drink was so refreshing. We never imagined that anything about RoohAfza can really change, no matter how many decades have passed with the brand. But Hamdard brought to the market the same taste of rose, albeit with a twist of fruits – Fusion. In 2017, the company forayed into the unique space by launching ready-to-drink RoohAfza Fusion in tetrapaks.

RoohAfza Fusion is a unique concept that is being launched for the first time in India. It is a unique combination of RoohAfza with pure fruit juice. It was test marketed in September last year in the Delhi-NCR and UP region. The test launch was a great success, showcasing brilliant results and feedback obtained from over 50,000 people (including consumers and trade partners). On the basis of the feedback received from the test launch, the product’s packaging has been revamped to connect better with the target audience by showcasing RoohAfza in a brand new, cool avatar.

The ready-to-drink beverage was launched earlier this year and now the marketing campaign has begun.

Rediffusion Y&R has worked on the brand’s latest campaign and brings together a communication of this fusion of disparities, highlighting the fact that RoohAfza Fusion now comes with a tangy fruit twist. The TVC is supported by a 360 degree campaign.

Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Hamdard said, “Building bridges is never easy, especially when you are looking at transcending traditional formats, mindset or generations. The task on RoohAfza was clear: To build an extension to reach out to a completely new set of consumers – the young and the millennial, while retaining the huge mass of loyalists of the brand. The new RoohAfza Fusion delivers on all fronts – the same heritage taste, accentuated by tangy fruit juices, and in a format that enables ease, convenience and injects that required ‘coolness’ to the brand. This is going to be a category shaker.”

The film starts with a hockey ball and a player who is ready to play hockey, wearing red coloured cricket pads. The ad film moves on to capture various situations with a red-coloured twist in each one of them, including a girl wearing anklets and red hair, a kid enjoying virtual reality games and red coloured candy at the same time, a grandma enjoying spiritual songs with a twist of hard rock music and a woman enjoying a TV serial while sporting a bold tattoo on her upper arm. The 60-second film depicts all these fusion instances and ends at a shot where all the family members are enjoying RoohAfza Fusion with different fruit juices, albeit with a flavour of rose.

Pranav Sharma, ECD, North -West, Rediffusion Y&R said, “Go Red-- that’s the bridge for me between RoohAfza and Fusion in terms of communication. I was surprised to see that all the flavours of Fusion, be it mango or lemon, are all red in colour! And that’s the starting point, which eventually became the end point giving us the brand line -- Go Red. But the film was executed in an all-white background with a lot of innovative transitions and camera work. The effort was to make it look edgy, stylish, fresh and different from what we see in usual fruit juice ads. As a director I pushed the execution in terms of its visual language and I’m confident that it will work for the brand in terms of the recall.”

The film looks very stylish with edited 20 and 30 second versions available. The TVC looks up-class with a quirky background score to match the quirkiness of the drink.

Suman Varma, Head Operations, North, Rediffusion Y&R said, “I have been involved in the product journey in various capacities right from its inception, so it is naturally very exciting to see the launch of the brand RA Fusion. The product has been designed keeping the unique flavour of Roohafza in mind and spiked with different flavours. It certainly is a very refreshing drink. I wish the product finds easy acceptance with everyone, across age-groups.”

The TVCs:


President: Dhunji S Wadia

Creative Team: Rahul Jauhari, Chief Creative Officer; Jaideep Mahajan, National Creative Head; Pranav Harihar Sharma, Writer (Script, screenplay) and director

Account Team: Suman Varma, Head-Delhi Operations; Saurav Ghosh, Business Head; Siddartha Chaudhary, Account Director

Production House: Gang Motion Pictures

Director: Pranav Harihar Sharma

Producers: Sreeram Ramanathan, Sumeet Kamath

DOP: Vishal Sinha

Music Director: Hanif Shaikh

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