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Wynk music crosses 50 million app installs

The music streaming platform now plays close to a billion songs per month and has witnessed 200 per cent growth in daily streams over last year

Wynk Music (Wynk), the over the top music app from Bharti Airtel has crossed the 50 million app installs mark, underlining its growing popularity amongst music lovers in India. Wynk music now plays approximately a billion songs per month. The app has seen number of daily songs streamed grow by 200 per cent over the last one year and its users are spending more average daily time on the app.

As per App Annie data, Wynk now has the highest* number of active daily users in its category. It also has the largest* share of category time amongst all music streaming apps in India. The average daily time spent on the app by users has grown by 25 per cent over last year, making Wynk one of the most active mobile apps in India across all categories.

Wynk is amongst the most downloaded music streaming apps in India with close to 100,000 daily installs. 45 per cent of the overall Wynk users are non-Airtel customers, making it one of the largest carrier agnostic platforms from a telecom company globally.

Kartik Sheth, CEO, Wynk, said, “This milestone is a testament to the love we get from our users and we want to thank them for their support in making this exciting journey possible. We remain obsessed with delivering the best experience to our users and will continue to bring more in-app innovations and make significant investments to raise the bar further. Also, at Wynk we are very proud to have contributed to the cause of curbing piracy by bringing music to users in a convenient and affordable manner.”

“To be able to continue driving innovation and upping the user experience, we have rolled out a few app monetisation pilots, which we plan to scale up as part of our growth strategy,” added Sheth.

In addition to curating and expanding its music catalogue, Wynk’s design features help users save up to 70 per cent data and deliver a seamless music experience across all network technologies have added to the app’s popularity.

Bollywood music is still the most popular category for Wynk users, making up 54 per cent of overall songs plays. English music has grown to 26 per cent and regional music makes up for the remaining share. Along with a deeper regional music focus, Wynk recently added the entire repertoire of most in-demand international artists – Metallica and Taylor Swift.

Wynk’s carefully curated content kitty boasts of close to three million songs from over 500 labels in 12 regional languages. Wynk has streaming partnership rights with nearly all content providers and labels in the industry providing users an unmatchable entertainment experience.

Wynk’s journey to 50 million:

Sep 2014: Wynk launched in India; crosses one lac downloads in four days

Feb 2015: Crossed five million app downloads

Jun 2015: Launched data save mode

Nov 2015: Crossed 12 million app downloads

Jan 2016: Introduced MP3 player function- plays local MP3 files

Jul 2016: Launched the Wynk mobile site

Jul 2016: Crossed 25 million download mark

October 2016: Crossed half a billion monthly song plays

Mar 2017: Crossed 50 million downloads mark

* As per App Annie data, Wynk music users spent the highest amount of time per day on the app within local music streaming apps in the music and audio category on Android phone in February 2017. The average Wynk user spends 20 per cent more time on the app compared to its closest competitor app in the category. Wynk music app also enjoys the highest number of daily active users. This makes Wynk the most active local music streaming app on Android phone in India.

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