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PC Chandra Jewellers’ ‘Daughters of Clay’ celebrates women power this Durga Puja

The film crafted by JWT fights for equal recognition for women clay sculptors in a male-dominated profession. It is being released on social media and other digital platforms

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In a tribute to women clay sculptors of Kumartuli in West Bengal – a hub of idol makers – PC Chandra Jewellers has launched a documentary that tells the stories of three women who fought against all odds to carry on the families’ legacy of making clay idols in a male-dominated profession.

The film is being released on social media and other digital platforms. JWT Kolkata has conceptualised and executed this four-minute film for the jewellery brand. Since time immemorial, the worship of Devi Durga has been the biggest celebration of women power. But even to this day, women don’t get equal recognition for their talent as their male counterparts.


Even in Kumartuli, a potter’s colony that creates nearly 4,000 Durga idols every year, women’s contribution is either almost non-existent or not recognised. The very concept of a women clay sculptor is very often looked down upon. Traditionally it’s a male bastion, the craft of clay modelling being handed down from the father to the son. And rarely to a daughter. However, the times are changing. The ‘Daughters of Kumartuli’ are challenging this ancient monopoly, with the warrior Goddess as their idol of strength.

Kanya Rupeno, Daughters of Clay, is a short documentary on the women who have turned the tide to create a niche for themselves.

UK Chandra, Managing Director, PC Chandra Jewellers, said, “By spelling out the stories of these three strong-willed women, the ‘Kanya Rupeno’ documentary celebrates the inspirational journey of China Pal, Mala Pal and Kakoli Pal. It reminds us to empower our daughters as well, so that they can follow their dreams, stand up for themselves and make everyone proud with their stories of success.”

The film depicts stories of three women. After 20 years in the business, China Pal is happy that she has been able to become the flag-bearer of her father’s traditional style of ‘Ekchala’ idols.

After her husband Asim Pal passed away suddenly, just the day after Lakshmi Puja in 2003, Kakoli Pal took over. While her husband could manage to do five to seven Durga idols a year, this year Kakoli is on course to deliver 22 idols of the goddess.

After her father’s death in 1985, Mala Pal’s miniature idols are not only shipped to Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai but also across the seas to the US, Canada, Germany and Dubai.

Arjun Mukherjee, VP and ECD, JWT Kolkata, said, “This year Daughter’s Day and the onset of Durga Puja coincided on the same date. The challenge was to cut through the clutter of feel good communication and tell an inspirational story that celebrates true woman power. ‘Daughters of Clay’ is an honest, non-gimmicky portrayal of three women potters of Kumartuli, real-life goddesses who rose in their male dominated environs to follow their heart. No wonder this documentary has become probably the most inspirational pieces of work this Durga Puja.”

Presented by PC Chandra Jewellers, conceptualised by JWT Kolkata and directed by Abhishek Sinha ‘Kanya Rupeno, Daughters of Clay’ was released online this Daughter’s Day on September 24.

The TVC:

Client: PC Chandra Jewellers
Agency: JWT Kolkata
Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar
VP & ECD: Arjun Mukherjee
Creative Director: Moeinuk Sengupta, Nabendu Saha
VP & EBD: Ayan Chakraborty
Client Servicing: Sreeparna Gupta, Sushmita Byapari
Director: Abhishek Sinha

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