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The journey from #ARM Digital to #ARM Worldwide

The agency has renamed itself as it expands its business in Singapore and plans to expand it further globally. In five years, it plans to have a service offering, a service consulting model for India and offshore and will launch a few new products as well

From buying a newspaper to opening an app on tablet, from renting a DVD to streaming one’s favourite television series on a smart TV, from buying a recipe book to getting customised recipe suggestions over smartphones, it is undeniable that digital transformation has begun. This change has been driven by the change in consumer behaviour and their expectations, especially among the younger generations who demand quick access.

The consumption of online websites, apps and videos has increased. The digital revolution has created a space for entrepreneurs to rapidly turn ideas into apps or websites and put them in front of millions of customers almost instantly.

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One of such entrepreneurial start-ups, #ARM Digital, a four-year-old digital agency, is now named as #ARM Worldwide as it has expanded its business in Singapore. The company holds a grip in the field of media buying and planning, digital training and image management, content strategy – social media management as a subset, content production, blogger engagement, digital PR, digital activation, website & app production – and is focusing on brand solutions through virtual & augmented reality solutions.

Speaking about the rebranding, Ritesh Singh, Co-Founder and MD, #ARM Worldwide, said, “There are few changes which are there from ARM Digital to ARM Worldwide. We have started our PR wing, digital marketing piece and content marketing piece but #ARM digital as a name was not doing justice to these particular services. Apart from it, we have gone global as we have started our operations in Singapore as well.”

Four-year journey

Earlier the company was managing media planning, SEO, social media, website designing, creative and was also working with bloggers and influencers. After the evolution, the agency thought of expanding the work. So, the company evolved its services and started with PR, content marketing with bloggers, influencers and journalists.

Speaking about the agency, Singh shared, “We intend to be a consulting organisation with capacity and capability and that’s where we have started from.”

Future prospects

Completing almost four years and entering the fifth one, #ARM Worldwide aims to go a long way. Discussing about the future growth after five years, Singh said, “After five years, we surely will be in more countries. Currently we are working on something which we will reveal later. All I can tell you now is that there is something which is happening on the service front and it is a new way of looking at digital. That’s particularly not our method but it’s a proven global method and it’s just that we are bringing that to India. In coming five years we will have a service offering, a service consulting model for India, offshore and for few countries in specific and we will be launching few new products as well.”


Consumer being the utmost focus, Singh explains, “We are good at understanding the consumer and we focus a lot on consumer behaviour. At an execution level, enough has been proven by us like media planning and buying, content marketing, digital PR, SEO, social case study. If the strategy is right, excellence will evolve over a period of time. Reaching this stage we know that we have great execution excellence and that’s why we took the decision of going global.”


No one ever said it is easy to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not about ideas but it is about making ideas happen. Entrepreneurs are the ones who dare to take big risks and make their own rules. They question about the things which everybody else takes for granted.

Putting a light on entrepreneurship, Singh being an entrepreneur, added, “I believe that everybody once in a life should try entrepreneurship without the fear of failure. The failure in a way will help in teaching a lot of lesson. If one succeeds, things are ought to be different and better and if not then once the person goes back to the job, he/she is completely a changed person.”

Intrapreneurship programmes

Many times, career/professional growth starts right where you are rather than looking for a new job, it starts with “taking ownership at work”. #ARM Worldwide supports entrepreneurship and for that the company runs a programme called ‘#ARMpreneur’.

Speaking about the programme, Singh shared, “ARMpreneur is our intrapreneurship programme where we select people who show ability of being an entrepreneur and we take them out for special training programme and train them to become an intrapreneur. These years, the programme has worked very well and we have come across many people who are not the followers but the leaders in their own way.”

Online marketing over offline marketing

With digital as a rising medium, agencies prefer doing online marketing instead of offline marketing.

Adding to this, Singh opined, “Earlier I have done event in rural marketing and have seen the world of offline. During that period, learning of rural marketing was to understand the consumers. Even in my rural marketing days, I used to think that how can I digitise through technology and help brand and reporting at different levels. My belief in digital as a medium is very high and we in this organisation understand digital. We have been digital marketing partners with Ad-Tech for three years.”

A digital era

Being a digital agency, Singh stated, “I started my career with digital and since then I have just fallen in love with digital. From TV to print to automation of cars or bikes, everything to some extent has turned digital. It is going to be a digital world tomorrow. From a digital marketing point of view, as things are turning digital our role is becoming more important. Digital as a medium is benefitting everybody and our duty is to do justice to marketing dollars, which are being spent by customer.

Active on social media

Social media was all about platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Today as our services are evolving, even different platforms want to earn money. “Social media is not about platform, it is about socialising with the end customer. Our way of looking at social media is content. We look at content for a brand’s point of view and content from a consumer point of view and even look at distribution of content.”

Popular recognitions

Singh shared in a conversation that the brand which first started believing them was Gionee. The work which they did with Gionee was recognised by Twitter, which created a case study that it later showcased in multiple countries and published it on ‘Twitter business case study’ page. Also, Youtube created a case study for their work of MTS. The agency has many brands as of now, including the national as well as the global ones. Also, the agency has been working with Zee Learn for the last three years.

Campaigns and awards

Some of the popular campaigns done by the agency are #IAmPearl a campaign done for Pearl Academy, another campaign is #TeaForTrump for a tea brand TE-A-ME. Also, the agency has done campaign around Doctor’s Day, #ThankYouDoc along with an association with Bajaj Finserv.

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