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94.3 Radio One India to celebrate 35 years of the iconic ‘Eye of the Tiger’

Radio One will dedicate a day to an on-air celebration of this song in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. It will air comments of global and Indian celebrities. It will also connect with listeners to tell their stories and ask them to meet friends from their ‘class of 80s/90s’

94.3 Radio One India commemorates 35 years of the song – Eye of the Tiger. Radio One is the first one to do this in the world as no one has ever celebrated such an occasion before. This is also the first time this song will be celebrated.

Possibly everyone has heard the song Eye of the Tiger with its starting guitar riff energising you to run, work out, get motivated and feel like a winner. The song was first released on May 29, 1982 by the band Survivor and featured in the movie Rocky with Sylvester Stallone training hard for his victory, which is firmly etched in all our memories! The iconic original was written by Frankie Sullivan / Jim Peterik and sung by Dave Bickler -- all members of the band Survivor then.


Ever since that day, the song has been used to motivate people everywhere, to try harder and come out victorious, be it in sport or audio visual corporate presentations or just playing the song out loud even today can make you feel that ‘I can do it’ feeling!’

But why is it that Radio One has chosen to commemorate this song in particular?


“We chose to commemorate 35 years of this song because it’s a song everyone in India and the world knows,” said Vineet Singh Hukmani, MD and CEO, Radio One.

Asked whether they will be doing this with other popular songs going forward, Hukmani is of the opinion that if a song has iconic status then they will find newer innovative ways to commemorate them.

Hukmani added, “We at 94.3 Radio One India, realised that sometimes a song is not just a song but a powerful anthem that has the power to bring together generations of people united by music. We therefore decided to commemorate 35 years of Eye of the Tiger. We are the first radio network in the world to do this for this song – to chronicle the journey of this song by telling its story through the memories of famous musicians and artists from all over the world who have done this exclusively for Radio One. Our listeners will also add the magic of their memories and stories of this epic song across all our cities that will demonstrate that the song means so much to people even today.”

The social media campaign for this unique celebration began on May 15 with an online tribute video where the song has been re-created by ‘The Radio One band’ – an in house band of the radio station, co-performed with young talented listeners of the station -- all of whom were not even born when the song first came out! The re-created version of the song therefore begins with a lyrical refrain – ‘This is a song from before I was born, this is a song that makes me feel strong’ capturing the 35-year epic journey of this empowering classic.

The build-up starting from May 15 will lead up to the grand day on May 29 where Radio One will dedicate a whole day to an on-air celebration of this song in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The morning show will air exclusive tribute comments of global celebrities like Enrique Iglesias, Daughtry, Diana King, Apache Indian and many more along with Indian celebrities like Parineeti Chopra, Vishal Dadlani, Gul Panag, Ehsaan Noorani, Chetan Bhagat and Jackie Shroff among others who have decided to support the commemoration of 35 years of Eye of the Tiger only on 94.3 Radio One. The mid-morning show will connect with listeners to tell their stories and encourage them with food and drink vouchers so that they meet their friends from their ‘class of 80s/90s’ to celebrate the nostalgia. The evening show will have celebrity interviews and will encourage local bands and musicians to play their versions of the song as tributes to the classic created by the band Survivor.

Anil Machado, Chief Content and Talent Officer, 94.3 Radio One, said, “We are grateful and pay our respects to the original writers/ artists and the music label for inspiring in us such a wonderful tribute to a most deserving song.”

Saurabh Sehgal, COO, Operations, 94.3 Radio One, said, “We are so pleased to see the terrific response from corporate India to be a part of this historic event on 94.3 Radio One with many accomplished company heads and brands expressing their interest in this unique commemoration that so many global and Indian stars are a part of.”

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