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Total Oil India does outdoor splash for its car lubricant brand Total Quartz

Executed by Posterscope, the objective was to build brand awareness for Total Quartz among car owners and the company chose out-of-home to grab maximum eyeballs

Total Oil, the oil and gas company, has launched an out-of-home (OOH) media campaign for its flagship car lubricant brand Total Quartz for the Indian market. The mandate for the campaign was awarded to Posterscope India, the out-of-home agency from Dentsu Aegis Network.

The objective was to build brand awareness for Total Quartz among car owners. OOH medium is the best suited avenue for the brand to effectively get maximum relevant consumer eyeballs for a product category that has traditionally low consumer involvement.

Prakash Jonnalagadda

Prakash Jonnalagadda, CEO and Executive Director, Total Lubricants, said, “Most end-consumers of engine oil leave the decision to their mechanic on the choice of the brand. And hence lubricant brands are constantly struggling to create salience and awareness in the minds of the consumers. For Total India, this OOH campaign is an opportunity to build a consistent reminder for consumers especially in the pre-monsoon season, which is usually a time for car servicing and engine oil change.”

Total Quartz is the official partner of BWF (Badminton World Federation) World Super series, given the common characteristics shared between the product and the sport such as powerful performance, technologically advanced precision and endurance. The OOH media communication has this partnership seamlessly interwoven with the brand.

Building on the brief, Posterscope India crafted a media mix campaign delivering both impact and reach for Total Quartz. While billboards, gantries, unipoles and pillars provide impact for reach, bus shelters, bus wraps and mobile vans have been utilised effectively. The campaign is currently running across key high car population markets across India.

A set of innovations emphasising on product-pack across each of the markets has been a redefining approach and fresh for this product category. Larger than life product packs placed on freeways, high traffic junctions, bus shelters, mobile vans, malls, beaches and road dividers is a first of its kind. Another novel idea here has been the highlighting of the product pack on back-lit media through the use of special printing technology. Illumination accentuating brand message has helped the impact media stand out loud and clear in the clutter.

Fabian Trevor Cowan

Fabian Trevor Cowan, President, Posterscope India, said, “Being part of this campaign was an absolute honour. The stated brief was to create maximum visibility for the brand, for which the very first time we deployed the MIM+ route (Multiple Innovation Multiple Media) covering more than 16 different media types and executing innovations on 23 per cent of the executed media.”

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar, Vice-President, Ambient, said, “The key component of the campaign was to highlight the brand message of ‘keep your engine younger for longer’ and make the total can more visible and recognisable. Basis AMBIT Analyser, our proprietary dwell time location planning tool, we identified relevant media locations like parking ticket booth counters and boom barriers, thereby increasing brand salience.”



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