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Parle Products’ latest campaign weaves all brands under one corporate brand

Conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu and titled ‘Parle – Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga’, the refreshing campaign features a series of hilarious ads that aim at making the brand name synonymous with its range of products

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Parle Products has launched an integrated campaign that showcases its portfolio of brands and a message that links each of these products to the mother brand, Parle. Through the campaign conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu, Parle wants the consumer to know how it is firmly entrenched in the daily lives of the consumer through its range of products.

Titled ‘Naam toh Suna Hi Hoga’, the campaign not only highlights the deep connection that various Parle brands have with Indian consumers but is also witty in its execution. The pan-India campaign will run extensively during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 season, where Parle Products is also an associate sponsor.


Need for a brand campaign

Parle Products has been advertising about its range of products rigorously so the question is what is the need to launch a brand campaign now? What is the need for change in strategy?

Mayank Shah

Mayank Shah, Category Head, Parle Products, answered, “Classically there are two ways. Either you are promoting your star brand or the corporate brand under which there are other brands promoting your corporate brand. While people knew about our brands, there was no immediate relation with the Parle corporate brand. The connect with the mother brand Parle has not been very upfront. It was difficult for us to decide to take either of those approaches in terms of going ahead and promoting only our individual brands or promoting the mother brand.”

Shah further said, “We worked on this strategy, where we decided to do justice for both of them where we talk about the brands, but also that these come from the house of Parle. Somewhere, the idea was to promote the corporate brand Parle and relate all the other brands with it. While people may know these brands individually, they were not tied to the corporate brand Parle. Hence Parle as a corporate brand was not getting its due. People knew more about the brands but not Parle itself. To the extent that people referred to Parle as Parle G company.”


Isn’t IPL an expensive affair?

Advertising on IPL is very expensive. Buying spots on IPL costs around Rs 6.25 lakh. What was the reason behind launching the brand campaign during IPL? The campaign is not just IPL specific, but will also run after IPL is over.


Shah said, “It was a big campaign. We have been present in around six-seven IPL seasons. We have also been associate sponsors earlier. Then you are talking about a big campaign like this, you need a big platform to launch it. It was worth it. One does have doubts about would IPL be big this year or not. Having experienced earlier the reach of IPL and the visibility, we thought it was worth putting money and investing this time. There was a bit of uncertainty, but we were ready to live with that given the scale of the campaign. The initial viewership number is out and there has been an increase in viewership.”

Would the campaign have an impact on sales?

Shah answered, “Of course, you cannot have a direct correlation. If tomorrow a new product comes, people will have their doubts of trying it out. But the moment you tell them that it has come from a company like Parle, then they will definitely try.”

The campaign features four TVCs. The films are a humorous take on the daily lives of Indians stuck in awkward situations – a friend-zoned boy confronting his crush, an employee being questioned by his boss, a school principal complaining to a mother, two women bragging about their lifestyle. Parle and its products feature as an integral part of the narrative, helping them realise what the characters are unaware of.

Pallavi Chakravarti

Pallavi Chakravarti, Executive Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu, said, "We’ve all enjoyed Parle products for as long as we can remember. The aim of the campaign was to make their brand name synonymous with the huge range of goodies that we consume almost every day. With ‘Naam Toh Suna Hi Hoga’, we’ve found a light and hopefully memorable way of driving the brand name and equity home. If their products always brought a smile to our faces, why shouldn’t their ads?"

From childhood favourites to contemporary delights and from sweet delicacies to savoury flavours, many of India’s snacking staples have one name behind them -- Parle. The campaign doles out these nuggets of information, tongue firmly in cheek as light and pleasing to the palate as its variety of crackers, cookies, biscuits and snacks.

The TVC will be released in 12 languages, including Hindi, English, Marathi and Tamil and will be sustained through a strong digital campaign in the second leg.

Parle Products has more than 40 brands under multiple categories. For example, biscuits, confectionery, western snacks, traditional snacks, bakery and high-end chocolates. Recently, Parle also entered the staples category and as of now is only present in Maharashtra.

The TVCs:

Lovers’ point:

Principal's office:

Fake News:

Two socialite women:



Client: Parle Products

Client Team: Mayank Shah, Category Head, Parle Products, Krishna Rao, Category Head, Parle Products and Marketing team.

Creative Agency: Taproot Dentsu

CEO: Umesh Shrikhande

General Manager: Ayesha Ghosh

Executive Creative Director: Pallavi Chakravarti

Planning Director: Dipika Saggi

Group Account Manager: Ambalika Sen

Management Trainee: Ekta

Director: Abhinav Pratiman

Production House: Earlyman Films, Mumbai

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