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This time Paper Boat takes us on a nostalgic trip with Indian Railways

In an ad film conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, Paper Boat continues to use the soundtrack from Malgudi Days in yet another rendition that brings alive a whole lot of childhood memories of long train journeys

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 20, 2017

Paper-Boat Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Paper Boat’s latest film is a tribute to one of the country’s oldest and most majestic institutions, Indian Railways -- which first taught us that the thrill of travel is in the journey, the destination was incidental. The ad film is conceptualised by Lowe Lintas.

Paper Boat has carved a niche for itself, not just with its products but the soul-stirring films that transport one back to the innocence of childhood. A large part of our childhood memories include family, friends, fun, mischief along with those unacknowledged institutions that played perfect hosts to those moments we cherish for a lifetime.

Paper Boat continues to use the soundtrack from Malgudi Days in a rendition that people would definitely enjoy.

Parvesh Debuka, Marketing Head, Hector Beverages, said, “At Paper Boat, we believe to be protectors of timeless recipes. The films we create find resonance in people across age, class and any other barriers. This time, we are paying a unique tribute to one such institution that carried us wherever we wanted to go – the Indian Railways. The very mention of a train journey evokes a thousand memories. The hoot of a train, the shudder of the engine, the song of the tracks, the lull of the rhythm and the games played in compartments. At Paper Boat, we are happy to celebrate the legacy of unsung heroes who first stirred the ache of wanderlust in most of us and with whom we have our fondest vacation memories, the Indian Railways.”

Rajesh Ramaswamy Rajesh Ramaswamy

Executive Creative Director Rajesh Ramaswamy, Lowe Lintas, said, “Every project on Paper Boat always starts with a thought that comes straight from the heart. So train journeys and the memories associated with them connected us all. And it's so universal. So we made a tribute to the trains for giving us such beautiful memories. And yes we got a director on board who had the same love for it!”

The film shows a train journey with a small boy as the central character. It opens with him reading a comic. On his way to the washroom, he sees different kinds of people doing various things. It shows the fear of the boy when he tries to go from one bogie to the other. When he returns from the washroom, he sees another girl reading his comic, which annoys him a bit. The same girl offers him a guava and they become friends. Together they threw coins into a river, when the train passed a bridge. From inflating the pillow to the ticket collector and sitting beside the window at night are a few things that the film depicts, which all of us would relate to. The train stops at a small station and the little boy gets down and wishes to say goodbye to his new friend. He could not bid farewell because she was sleeping. After getting down from the train he meets his grandparents who were waiting for him eagerly at the station early in the morning. While he was greeting them, his new friend waves him from the train and the little boy waves back excitedly. The film ends by thanking the Indian Railways for giving so many good memories to cherish for life.

The TVC:



Creative Agency: Lowe Lintas, Bangalore

Chief Creative Officer: Arun Iyer

Executive Creative Director: Rajesh Ramaswamy

Creative Copy: Indrasish Mukherjee and Pradhumn Acholia

Creative Art: Rexena Devraj, Joann Joseph

Business Head: Hari Krishnan

Business: Sonali Khanna, Smrithi Ramanujam and Rhea Bharat Budhiraja

Planning: Subramanyeswar S, Nikita Shah

Production house: Black Box Films

Director: Krishnakumar R

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