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SureWaves launches programmatic TV advertising marketplace ‘Skynet’

BARC India is the data partner for Skynet ensuring constant and accurate updates on viewership figures and trends

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 28, 2017


SureWaves MediaTech has announced the launch of its programmatic television advertising marketplace - ‘Skynet’. SureWaves’ new offering is claimed to be representing a paradigm shift in the world of television advertising.

BARC India is the data partner for Skynet ensuring constant and accurate updates on viewership figures and trends. Skynet with its new age technology and far-reaching impact has already seen widespread interest from leading media agencies in the country.

Programmatic advertising has been prominent in digital media and has proved to be highly efficient and accountable, but it has not been successfully implemented, end-to- end on television before. Programmatic TV is data driven, technology-based empowerment of the planning, buying, measurement and optimisation disciplines of traditional television advertising. Skynet is a programmatic television advertising marketplace that enables marketers to plan and buy audiences on broadcast TV channels, akin to digital advertising today.

It is expected to offer media agencies the possibility of executing advertising campaigns on broadcast channels in a simple, systematic and accountable manner. Agencies on behalf of advertisers can use this platform to seamlessly plan and execute campaigns over a large spectrum of broadcasters.

Traditionally, television advertising planning has been a complex, time consuming process. Moreover, it has been difficult for planners to get instant data on their campaigns, thus prolonging the time for course correction. Skynet targets to change that with robust technology using sophisticated planning algorithms that guarantee absolute and measurable implementation of a brands’ television campaign.

Rajendra Kumar Khare, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, SureWaves MediaTech, said, “SureWaves has been at the forefront of many technology driven firsts in the media industry. With Skynet, we are taking this to a whole new level, with a first-of- its-kind programmatic television advertising marketplace in the world. Skynet will prove to be the tipping point of the television advertising revolution.”

He added, “Skynet is built around the principles of simplicity, transparency and accountability. We believe Skynet will usher in a new era for broadcasters who will be able to monetise TV ad inventories more than ever and for agencies and brands, who will be able to use the medium of television to a potential never seen before. In current times, where digital advertising is gaining prominence and eating into traditional television advertising revenues, Skynet will be the catalyst to fuel further growth of broadcast television advertising industry. The new age programmatic technology with its efficiency and ease of use can help television hold sway and continue its dominance, as the most preferred advertising medium.”

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