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M-Indicator encourages women to speak up against violence

Conceptualised by Bates Chi & Partners, Mumbai, the campaign titled #voiceforvictims is based on the insight that ‘by tolerating silently you abuse yourself’

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 2, 2017

voiceforvictims Click on the image to watch the TVC.

The biggest problem with our society is not that it perpetrates violence against women but the fact that it normalises it. Many women consider violence as part of life and often become silent victims.

M-Indicator, an app for travellers, intends to change the equation. The app that is already equipped with varied features designed to help women in the time of distress and ensure their safety during a journey, is going a step further. The app has joined hands with Bates Chi & Partners, Mumbai and created a campaign titled #voiceforvictims that encourages women to speak up against abuse and violence.

The campaign includes one film and three posters, all based on the insight that ‘by tolerating silently you abuse yourself’. The film starts with a close-up shot of a woman who has injury marks on her. The shot widens and we see that someone is trying to hurt her. As the shots widen further still, we see that the hand trying to hurt her is her own, thus giving out the message that silence can be costly.

The posters follow the same idea where it looks as if the battered women are trying to hurt themselves. All the posters bear the line, ‘by tolerating silently you abuse yourself’.

Asheesh Malhotra Asheesh Malhotra

“What excited us to work on this brief was the social-led citizen first approach by M-Indicator, which is taking the brave responsibility of highlighting critical societal issues. And it's wonderful because apps pretty much define our lives as we embrace digital more comfortably than we embrace each other,” said Asheesh Malhotra, President, Bates Chi & Partners.

Manmohan Anchan Manmohan Anchan

Commenting on the concept of the campaign, Manmohan Anchan, Chief Creative Officer, Bates Chi & Partners, said, “There are various aspects to women empowerment that are often neglected or go unexplored. We wanted to take this opportunity to encourage women to stand up and fight injustice. Remaining silent cannot be an option. So many cases of domestic violence are brushed under the carpet. It is time to speak out. Women's issues will be taken more seriously when women's voices are heard loud and clear.”

The TVC:






Client: M-Indicator

Agency: Bates Chi & Partners, Mumbai

Chief Executive Officer: Srikanth VS

Chief Creative Officer: Manmohan Anchan

President: Asheesh Malhotra

Executive Creative Director: PK Anil Kumar

Senior Creative Director: Mehul Patil

Creative Director: Yogesh Khairnar

Art Director: Tejas Phansekar

Copy Supervisor: Rigved Sarkar

Client Services Director: Sheeba Faheim Inamdar

Account Executive: Akshaya Gangan

Production House: Mindmap Communication

Director: Augustyanag Jadhav


Photographer: Vaibhav Shedge

Retoucher: Satish Modhave

Makeup artist: Prajakta Malvade (Print), Srikant Waigankar (Film)

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