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R K Swamy Media Group unveils Media Market Pocketbook 2017

The pocketbook is a compilation of relevant information on India’s media landscape and focuses on print, TV viewership trends, digital, OOH, radio and cinema

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 31, 2017


The R K Swamy Media Group recently unveiled the Media Market Pocketbook 2017, is a handy compilation of updated, comprehensive and relevant information on India’s media landscape. The compact design and precise content makes it a ready reckoner for the media, marketing and advertising community.

Sandeep-SharmaSandeep Sharma, President, R K Swamy Media Group, said, “For over a decade now, our in-house domain experts have been analysing relevant data and extrapolating it to enable quick decisions by brand leads. This edition captures the latest data as well as elaborates on BARC, NCCS and has details on digital and rural data in addition to conventional media.”

Key highlights from the Media Market Pocketbook:

Print: Print is seeing a huge impact by digitisation, real time news, increasing literacy and growth of language publications. The play is about how print will embrace digital in its evolution.

TV viewership trends: On one hand, fragmentation of audiences is rising in Hindi-speaking markets with television ratings of top viewed programmes falling. On the other hand, audience consolidation seems to be happening in South with top rated programmes and television ratings steadily going up.

Digital: Demonetisation has fuelled greater ecommerce adoption by consumers and these platforms are likely to offer superior advertising avenues for brands now. Better adoption of programmatic buying will be fuelled once higher return on investment is demonstrated, which we are expecting in this year.

Radio: Despite a spurt of private FM stations and the geographic coverage, radio audience measurement – the only radio measurement system available – still covers only four cities. The measurement system needs to reflect the new geographic increased coverage for FM.

OOH: Technology is the trend in this medium as well. Digital outdoor architecture, light emitting diodes (LED) screens, mobile interactivity are the new formats going forward. Airport advertising has seen a huge increase but at the same time audience fragmentation has increased due to larger airports and separate terminal access points, increasing the cost to reach the same number of people.

Cinema: Despite huge changes in cinema with the proliferation of multiplexes, it is not able to grow beyond the industry growth rate; barely able to hold its share of 1 per cent for the last five years. This medium has potential to garner 2-3 per cent share in the overall advertising pie; needs a little bit of scientific approach and a measurement system.

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