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Focus on jobs in Bloomberg|Quint’s first ever campaign

The campaign conceptualised by Zero:Zero will be targeted at decision makers and mass professionals. The news website believes creating jobs is a core economic issue that can solve many problems

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 25, 2017


Bloomberg|Quint has launched a campaign to up its stand on the content theme before the upcoming Union budget. The campaign -- the digital news website's first one -- is conceptualised by Zero: Zero Creative Solutions.

The campaign will be promoted on digital as well as outdoor front. The target audience of the campaign is the decision makers and mass professionals.

Saket-Saurabh Saket Saurabh

Talking about the brief, Saket Saurabh, Business Head, Digital and Marketing, Bloomberg|Quint, said, "The brief to the agency was to amplify our content theme around the Union budget. It was asked to highlight ‘jobs’ as the core economic issue and the most important priority for the nation’s growth. And to do so in a manner that befits the premium nature of Bloomberg|Quint as a brand."

Kaushik Roy, Co-Founder, Zero:Zero, elaborated on the campaign idea. He said, “Most of the financial brands speak the same language during Budget. They raise the same questions. We wanted brand Bloomberg|Quint to stay away from that and have a strong point of view. Therefore, we welcomed the clear focus on jobs as we felt that it is the burning issue of the hour.”

In the campaign, all the major promises and claims that the government is making is connected to jobs.

Roy added, “We also thought that while driving the connection, we should lend an authoritative tonality to the brand, to do justice to its stance of being the first word in business news.”

When asked why 'jobs' is being used as a specific economic problem in the campaign when there are other major issues that the economy is dealing with, Saurabh said, "Of course there are several issues and areas to be addressed in the economy and thus the budget. We are not saying they are not important but are simply stating that jobs must take the highest priority. As you know the budget is greatly a task of prioritisation and should the jobs situation in the economy improve, it will trickle down to creating a positive impact on other issues like broader economic growth, increased consumer spending, wider tax base, stronger foreign investment climate and so on."

He further said, "Underlying the jobs theme is the idea that the ultimate and the most critical barometer for the progress of the economy and the objective of policy should be how well it does on the jobs front. Whether it is the creation of new jobs or fighting jobless growth and ensuring improvement in the standard of living and opportunity for those employed."

Roy said this particular campaign is very different from the usual campaigns. “In most financial campaigns, the imagery is typical, sanitized and 'corporate'. We wanted to show the real India. Therefore, the images show the kind of people we see all around. We wanted this campaign to be visually grounded and real.”

Bloomberg|Quint was launched around six months ago and it released its first campaign now. Explaining the reason for launching a campaign now, Saurabh said, "The Union budget is a headline consumer event and more so in our current economy and it made sense to engage users during this time. We moved from the Beta phase a fortnight ago and given the importance of the union budget, it made sense to launch the campaign now."

Elaborating about the digital campaign, Saurabh said, "We have an integrated newsroom and hence digital adoption is the first nature of the editorial team. Our content and campaign spans engaging and mobile-friendly formats such as published articles, op-eds, live and produced video, data infographics and charts, social content, newsletters, polls and live chats, live streaming, photo essays and contests across our own and partner platforms, including The Quint, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook."

The campaign is designed to deliver both reach and impact in the right constituencies. "Through digital, we are targeting not just India but also 'India interested' audiences globally. Digitally we are present across the nation, reaching the 22+ English speaking male and female audience. Through our other channels, we are creating an impact with key decision makers and influential people across top metro cities."


Team Zero:Zero

Satish Ambewadikar Kaushik Roy Rajnandan Pimpalkar Ruchi Parekh

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