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ABP News gets new brand identity

The Hindi news channel has unveiled a new transformed logo while retaining its tagline 'Aapko rakhe aage'

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | January 18, 2017


Just before the five assembly elections to be held in the beginning of this year, ABP News has revamped its brand identity with a new transformed logo while retaining its core belief of 'Aapko rakhe aage'.

Avinash Pandey Avinash Pandey

Explaining the new brand identity, Avinash Pandey, COO, ABP News Network, said, “Our brand logo is now a daring combination of red and yellow. The colours draw from the lineage of ABP, one of the most respected media institutions in the country. They reinforce our commitment to a fair, unbiased and open culture. Red signifies our passion and determination to put our viewers first and yellow is the colour of intellect and aspiration.”

abp_news_new_logo1“With these new colours comes a new approach. Our viewers will stay ahead through better information, better analysis and higher engagement. It’s a mantra that will give them a tighter grip on the world of news. It’s what will help us take on unseen challenges and give our viewers a deeper understanding of every news story we report. If I were to say all of this in one simple line, it would be, ‘ABP News rakhega har khabar par pakad’,” added Pandey.

When asked about the need of the revamp, Pandey said, “We at ABP News have always stood by our belief of “Aapko rakhe aage” - keeping our viewers ahead. If the news is out there, we're out there pursuing it. It's this spirit of persistence that has over the years fueled us to keep going after the truth. But times are changing fast and we need to adapt. The world today is a world of changing political strategies, crashing and booming economies, fast paced technology and unexpected entertainment. While nobody can doubt the grip we have on the news, it’s just a matter of tightening it further. “

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