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Rising Star: Devin Kewlani, National Creative Director, FoxyMoron

Working on gut feeling, full of energy and a private person at times is what describes Kewlani best. His journey from a trainee to now has seen all kinds of ups and downs

Rising Star: Devin Kewlani, National Creative Director, FoxyMoron

Working on gut feeling, full of energy and a private person at times is what describes Kewlani best. His journey from a trainee to now has seen all kinds of ups and downs

Archit Ambekar | Mumbai | September 27, 2016

Devin-Kewlani Devin Kewlani

If you go with presentations to Devin Kewlani, National Creative Director of FoxyMoron, then you are probably in the wrong cabin. Well, yes, Kewlani doesn't like presentations. More of a pen and paper person, Kewlani likes to present himself as man who believes ‘actions speak louder than words' when he's pitching.

Born in Mumbai, lived in Dubai for a decade and then back to this dream city, Kewlani completed his Bachelor's in Mass Media, after which he joined his father's business. Not keen on continuing with his father, Kewlani literally climbed the wall and jumped to the adjacent building and gave an interview in FoxyMoron. That's how his journey began as a trainee in the agency in May 2011.

Since then, Kewlani has had a ball working on a bunch of clients. Some of the notable brands he has worked with include Motorola, L'Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Fosters, Red FM, Garnier, Castrol, Femina, P&G Shiksha and Pulse Candy among others.

In about a year’s time from joining, he was account executive, then at a fancy position called Head of Disruptive Innovations and then Creative Director. Recently he was promoted as National Creative Director. Being a key part of the organisation, Kewlani managed the agency’s Delhi office for a year before he came back to the headquarters in Mumbai.

He has had a lot of learnings from his time spent in Delhi. He recalls, “There have been times when I’ve left Gurgaon at 7 am to reach Noida for a meeting at 9 am. I’ve learnt to be patient and take action based on my gut. In Delhi I was the only decision maker and yes, things have gone wrong, but it has never been at the cost of work.”

Some of Kewlani's favourite campaigns include Kiss Song for Maybelline Baby Lips, Motograph360 for Motorola and L'Oréal Cannes project. Kewlani feels these are his achievements too. “The #ShareTheLoad digital campaign was an achievement while another personal favourite was the Stay Rooted campaign for L'Oréal Paris. But I'm yet to reach my peak.”


#MotoGraphs360 was an exclusive digital campaign to launch Motorola’s smart watch Moto 360.The campaign showcased the features of the watch with the help of five different stories using cinemagraphs, a hybrid form of living photography and video where just one or two elements are in motion, creating an effect of continuous motion in static pictures.


The stories involved five influencers from different walks of life to capture the Moto 360 (second Gen) in their daily routine while showcasing the different features of the watch. The campaign was promoted on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The images are shared on a micro-site-


Another campaign Kewlani liked was Women Take Forever (WTF) for Maybelline New York India. WTF was a movement for men against women who take ‘forever’ to get ready. The campaign uniquely targeted at women and was marketed via men in the online space. “For the campaign, we leveraged on the battle between the sexes and got men to voice their grievances on a special Facebook page created for them,” he added.

The campaign reached 38,000 Indian men in a fortnight on Facebook and had about six million impressions on Twitter in less than three hours and over half-a-million unique users. This battle continued till the girls were ready to go nude with the all-new 8 in 1 BB Cream. 2,000 girls virtually revealed the BB Cream by unlocking the image, one pixel at a time, on the pixel application we created. The campaign reached over 13 million people and increased fans by over 100,000.


Kewlani is quite updated with what the global ad world is doing and would like to work on brands such as Adidas, Nike, Skittles and being a die-hard Liverpool fan that has to be on the checklist. Beats by Dr. Dre and Rule Yourself by Under Armourare the campaigns that he would have loved to work on.

What us his strengths? “Working in teams is strength.” Something that Kewlani feels he lacks is certain people skills, and he's surely working on improving that.

For Kewlani, every day is different. Office starts at 10:30 am, like for anybody else and there is no end to the day. “I believe that once you are done with work you can relax. Whether you're done at 3 pm or you have to wait back till midnight.”


The best about Kewlani is the fact that he switches off work once he is out of office and that is another important thing that keeps him going every day. On a normal weekend, Kewlani chills with friends whenever possible. He likes photography and does write at times.

Kewlani doesn’t have a role model. Another thing that keeps Kewlani going is the fact that he doesn't know what he's going to do the next day. All he knows he has picked up something interesting. Indeed a creative style of working.

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