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Relive your dreams through the journey of Paper Boat

Conceptualised and executed by Humour Me-Branded Entertainment, the animated ad film takes the viewer through Hope, the Paper Boat’s eventful journey that takes us back to our childhood

Relive your dreams through the journey of Paper Boat

Conceptualised and executed by Humour Me-Branded Entertainment, the animated ad film takes the viewer through Hope, the Paper Boat’s eventful journey that takes us back to our childhood

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | September 19, 2016

Paper-Boat Click on the Image to watch the Video.

Beverage brand Paper Boat has launched an animated film conceptualised and executed by Humour Me-Branded Entertainment. The film titled ‘Hope, the Boat’ is 4 minutes and 25 seconds long and went live on the brand’s YouTube channel on September 13.

Taking forward the brand’s philosophy, Humour Me has created this campaign that takes us back to our childhood days.This film is India’s first 3D animated short film. The story invites viewers to dream a little and hopes their Paper Boats will take their dream far. Nearly 75 days, 40,000GB of data and 79,000 machine hours went into the making of Hope, the Boat that will be digitally pushed on YouTube and Facebook.

Neeraj Kakkar Neeraj Kakkar

Neeraj Kakkar, Co-Founder and CEO, Hector Beverages, said, “Our focus every year is to diversify our portfolio and delight our consumers with recipes that are traditional and/or the most authentic fruit eating experience. The other aspect of the brand that has helped us make a lot of friends is storytelling. We will continue to innovate and explore new ways to tell untold tales.”

Dhruv Sachdeva Dhruv Sachdeva

Commenting on the brief, Dhruv Sachdeva, Founder-Director, Humour Me-Branded Entertainment, said, “Parvesh (Head of Marketing) called me and said, ‘Need to do something for a brand campaign, something that takes content to the next level with our consumers. We want to do something that changes the game. Think of something…’ He trusted us and that was it.”

Sachdeva further said, “Clifford Afonso and I pitched the idea to the team of Paper Boat. Our relationship with them is more like a good collaboration. It is rare to have creative camaraderie with a client but the relationship between us and Parvesh Debuka is special.”

Explaining the insight, Sachdeva said, “The key insight was that paper boat had to be made relevant again. Till our parents’ generation, the paper boat was still an object of people's imagination and their purest dreams. I don't think children today make paper boats or create anything with paper, besides drawings, to see their imagination brought to life. When I was about two-and-half I saw the Superman film for the first time. I was instantly in love with the character. The only way I could get a Superman figurine was by drawing it out, colouring it, and then asking my mother to tediously make several cut-outs. I played with that paper Superman figurine, and my imagination allowed me to believe that the piece of paper was as powerful as the character in the film. The idea was if we can get even one child to make a paper boat today, and if it represents their favourite character, we've penetrated as a brand on an emotional level.”

Elaborating on the production process, Sachdeva said, “The production was a herculean task. All we knew was that we wanted to create a new benchmark in visual storytelling. 3D animation as a medium is something this country has lacked in innovation. The execution potential is plenty in the country. We had to innovate on storytelling and direction on a creative level and so we did. What the west has gotten right is the finesse with which they tell their stories. We knew if we were attempting this, it had to compete with global qualitative standards. And nothing short of it would do.”

Talking about the challenges, Sachdeva added, “There were only challenges. Making an animation film of this scale in two months is like saying, ‘I'm planning to climb Everest in a day’. As impossible as it was, we were committed to our own delusion and I think it was the singular focus, unimaginable hard work by our many creative partners, endless sleepless nights and a resilience to not give up that made this vision come to life. Would we do this again? Not in this timeline. Never!”

Commenting on how the creative team zeroed on an animation film, Sachdeva said, “Animation allows everyone to take that leap of imagination without any reflux or judgement. When Toy Story brought toys to life, every adult hooted in the audience. They were instantly transformed and taken back to their most magical childhood. Animation is the only medium where you can achieve instant adulation from all age groups. It was a no brainer once the idea was on the table.”

The film starts with a sailor staring at a picture showing ‘The Great Indian Cruise’. A sheet of paper blows in with the wind through an open window. He makes a paper boat from it, labels it ‘My Great Cruise’ and lets it afloat in a puddle on the road. The film thereafter follows the paper boat’s adventurous journey, through pleasant and not-so-pleasant times before it lands up in the ocean. There, the paper boat sees the dream cruise ship, and its creator sailing on it. He invites the paper boat to join the cruise, sailing behind the larger ship, alongside many others like it. The film ends with the message, ‘Every dream is a journey. May your paper boat carry you far!’

The Video:



Concept and Execution: Humour Me - Branded Entertainment

Created By: Dhruv Sachdeva

Directed By: Dhruv Sachdeva & Clifford Afonso

Co- Director: Tanvi Gandhi

Executive Producer: Ashray Sachdeva

Project Head: Gitana Singh

Screenplay and Story: Clifford Afonso, Dhruv Sachdeva & Aradhana Mathews

Animation Project Lead: Vrinda Sood

Sound Score: Aradhana Mathews

Sound Score Arrangement: Anindo Bose

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