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Sony Pictures Networks India announces digital initiatives for UEFA EURO 2016

The official digital broadcaster, Sony LIV will give a real-time experience to users and allow them to engage with the game better

Sony Pictures Networks India announces digital initiatives for UEFA EURO 2016

The official digital broadcaster, Sony LIV will give a real-time experience to users and allow them to engage with the game better

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | June 8, 2016

Sony-LIV-Logo-150Sony Pictures Networks (SPN) India has geared up to make the popular football league Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Europeans Champions League 2016, commonly known as UEFA Euro 2016, a unique experience for viewers.

SPN, the official broadcasters of UEFA Euro 2016, recently announced its digital initiatives to improve the experience of users watching UEFA Euro 2016 on its digital platform Sony LIV. After recently launching its campaign ‘Time to Switch,’ the new campaign is an extension to its existing one where SPN has created a personalised on-brand user experience for digital consumers throughout the match and tournament.

Sony LIV, which is the official mobile and internet broadcaster of the UEFA Euro 2016 in the Indian sub-continent, will live stream the matches exclusively in eight countries: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives (non-exclusive) and Afghanistan. This service is available for the audience for free with no subscription cost. The matches will be streamed live on the Sony LIV app, available on iOS and Android, as well as on the specially created dedicated microsite www.sonyliv.com/euro2016.

In order to give viewers a different experience, Sony LIV has built its platform to provide a unique ‘real-time experience’ to consumers. Data science techniques will be used to present data that will enhance the overall experience of viewers watching these matches. Some of the key highlights digital users can look forward to are:

Probability Meter: The probability meter will provide winning probabilities for each team during the match. This probability will be calculated real-time and change on the basis of every event that occurs in the match.

Momentum Meter: Momentum meter is a graphical representation of the momentum between the two teams. This graph will show the momentum building for both the team and the shift of momentum between the team minute by minute.

Ball Position Tracker: It is an innovative tool where users can see the plotting of the exact position of the ball on a real time basis. This is done against a graphical representation of the stadium.

Stats Meter: The meter will provide a real-time account of each and every event that takes place during the match which will be updated in real-time basis.

Live text commentary: Users will be able to see real time updates of the scores along with minute-by-minute text commentary of every match. Along with this, users will also be able to access information not only about the tournament but also about each and every participating team. Information such as fixtures, team ranking, team results, historic performances as well as team and individual performances over the tournament will be updated on real-time basis.

Post-match experience: Once the match is over, users will be able to enjoy unlimited video on demand content for every match, which will include complete 90 minute re-runs of the match and lots of short videos (3-10 minutes) covering highlights, goals, hat-tricks, saves, free kicks, special moments, penalties, etc. which will be made available both on the app as well as the microsite minutes after the match is over.

SPN has also created a fun and interesting ‘time to switch’ tab on the microsite which offers interactive features to sports enthusiasts who may be novices to football. Online users can take advantage football aids that will ease them into the footy community and become an authority on the sport.

Footy 101: A must-have for every footy novice; this e-pocketbook of rules will not only help understand the game but also do it with a lot of fun! From ‘Spotting the Fraud’, ‘How to say Awesome in Football’ to ‘Foul Play’, Footy 101 is the beginner’s guide to looking like a footy expert.

A new ball game: It is easy for a newbie to feel lost, alone and out of place. ‘A new ball game’ invites users to open up with their own stories and find a connection with others who are sharing their experiences as a new footy.

Jargonator: Footy is filled with jargon and after switching, everyone needs help understanding words like offside, red flag, etc. Confused much? Well then the Jargonator is the perfect tool to help the audience understand these footy terms with ease in a lingo that they excel at, cricket!

Uday Sodhi Uday Sodhi

Speaking about these initiatives, Uday Sodhi, Executive Vice-President and Head, Digital Business, Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited, said, “UEFA EURO 2016 is going to be one of the biggest sporting events not only in India but worldwide. And we are taking this opportunity to give a very unique, engaging and immersive experience to all our users.”

Sodhi adds, “And staying true to our campaign philosophy, with our digital initiatives we will cater to the entire spectrum of football fans. On our platform there are many innovative initiatives such as probability meter, momentum meter, ball position, etc. which would excite both the ardent as well as casual fans. Aimed at enhancing the user experience, the microsite features a ‘Time to Switch’ tab for both footy fans and novices alike that will make the ‘switch’ that much more enjoyable and further lift the entire experience of watching UEFA EURO 2016 on our platforms.”

The tournament which commences on June 10, 2016 will be live telecast on Sony Six and Sony ESPN at primetime slots of 6:30 pm, 9:30 pm and 12:30 am (Indian Standard Time). Sony Six will also give viewers language feeds option of Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu language apart from English June 10, 2016.



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