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Going for Olympic glory: ‘I am Team India’

In the film conceptualised by ad filmmaker Ram Subramanian, Saina Nehwal urges Indians to support the spirit of unity ahead of Rio Olympics 2016

Going for Olympic glory: ‘I am Team India’

In the film conceptualised by ad filmmaker Ram Subramanian, Saina Nehwal urges Indians to support the spirit of unity ahead of Rio Olympics 2016

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | May 24, 2016

I-am-Team-India Click on the image to watch the Video.

In line with Edelweiss Group’s association with the 2016 Olympics as the principal sponsor, the brand has launched its #iAmTeamIndia campaign featuring their brand ambassador, badminton champion Saina Nehwal.

Sport is something that has always united people. Being Indians, we have lived the spirit of unity many times before and it’s time again to relive the same for a 100-member strong Indian contingent at Olympics 2016.

The campaign ‘Nothing means anything’ is a silent yet powerful video message by Nehwal ahead of the Rio Olympics. She talks about how every sportsperson has struggled, sacrificed, and worked hard for the position they are in today. Their religion, their caste, their gender... nothing means anything in sports. The only thing that matters is that within the team, they have each other's back, and that they are there to share each other's wins and losses.

The video is created by Ram Subramanian, who is a Mumbai based ad filmmaker, artist and social commentator who has redefined dissent and gave voice to many.

The idea came in a conversation with Subramanian, Nehwal and team Edelweiss as they were discussing the Rio Olympics 2016. Nehwal mentioned that she felt so tiny and small as an individual compared to the larger emotion and sentiment of being part of a nearly 100-member Indian Olympic contingent, representing India at the biggest sporting property in the world. She felt overwhelmed with the kind of passion, grit, athletic excellence and determination that each athlete brings, and the sheer pride and honour of being a part of this prestigious contingent.

For each athlete who is part of the Indian contingent, the biggest dream is to bring back laurels and a medal for India, and each one hungers for support from the entire nation, especially since they do not have a homeground advantage.

Speaking about the video, Nehwal said, “I am part of a team which is going to represent the country at the world’s largest sporting event. We all hope to give it our best and would love all the possible support from our fellow Indians. I am also very happy that my sponsor, the Edelweiss Group, in their capacity as principal sponsor and insurer for our Indian Olympics 2016 team, agreed to give me a platform to express my opinion.”

The man behind the thought is thankful to Edelweiss for making this video possible. Subramanian said, “It was my privilege to help Saina to articulate what she wanted to say to all of us. I started this page ‘Voice of Ram’ to provide people and communities a voice, a platform that they can use to do some good, and bring about a positive change.”

He added, “I sincerely hope that this message from Saina will lead us all to the sports revolution that we as a nation and a society desperately need today. I am doing this because don’t want to die an old man, living in a country that does not understand the value of sport or the sacrifices of its champions. In my career as an advertising filmmaker I have seen personalities getting paid to endorse brands; it’s rare to see a brand support the cause of their ambassador in the manner you are doing. More power to you.”

The Video:


Client: Edelweiss for Rio Olympics 2016

Director: Ram Subramanian

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