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‘Gol Gattam Lakad Battam’ is Euphoria’s anthem for Daikin Delhi Daredevils

Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Percept Limited, Daikin Air Conditioners’ anthem video for the Delhi Daredevils has been made exclusively for social media platforms

‘Gol Gattam Lakad Battam’ is Euphoria’s anthem for Daikin Delhi Daredevils

Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Percept Limited, Daikin Air Conditioners’ anthem video for the Delhi Daredevils has been made exclusively for social media platforms

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 28, 2016

Gol-Gattam-Lakad-Battam Click on the image to watch the Video.

Daikin Air Conditioners, one of the major sponsors of Delhi Daredevils, has released an anthem for Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 9, to cheer its team on during the cricket tournament.

Composed by Delhi band, Euphoria, the anthem ‘Gol Gattam Lakad Battam De Dana Dan’ exudes the verve and spirit that resonates with the city “Dilli” and its denizens, the “Dilliwalahs”.  The pulsating signature beat of Euphoria and a lyric that is part Hindi and part Punjabi (two of the three languages of the State of Delhi) lends a Delhi flavour to the anthem, that should cheer the Delhi Daredevils on through the IPL tournament.

As the opening shot of the film suggests, the video establishes the three brands it represents ? Daikin, the Delhi Daredevils and Euphoria. The brand Daikin also makes its presence felt at the end of the video in its slogan, “Fill the Air with Goodness” and of course, throughout the film, as the Daikin Air Conditioner cools Dilliwalahs hot with fervour for their favourite game and favourite team ? the Delhi Daredevils.

Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Percept, the anthem video has been made exclusively for social media platforms. It shows Dilliwalahs cheering for their home team ? the Delhi Daredevils. The music video aims to capture the vigour of Delhi and its denizens by showcasing the courageous (jigarwalan) Dilliwalah, known to accept challenges. It also explores the city’s passion for cricket.

The perky Harshali Malhotra lends verve to the video with her cheerful smile and bouncy dance steps. The ‘pehlwans’ of the ‘akhara’ (body-builders of the gym) warn that, ‘You don’t mess with Dilli’!

Kanwaljeet Jawa Kanwaljeet Jawa

Commenting on the Daikin Delhi Daredevils anthem, Kanwaljeet Jawa, Managing Director, Daikin India, said, “Cricket is a religion in India and the IPL is one of the most watched leagues in the world. Our partnership with Delhi Daredevils (DD), which is one of the most promising teams, is part of Daikin’s continued efforts to build a sporting culture amongst the youth. We are very excited to launch this anthem video which reposes our faith in the team that they will continue to play each game with dare and bring home the goodness.”

Elvis Sequeira Elvis Sequeira

Talking about the anthem, Elvis Sequeira, COO, Hakuhodo Percept, said, “Hakuhodo believes in looking beyond advertising to bring consumers closer to all our brands and the ‘Gol Gattam Lakad Battam’ anthem not just does that wonderfully well for brand Daikin, but also has the energy and vibrancy to get Dilliwalahs and everyone with Dilli in their hearts to sing, dance and inspire the Daikin Daredevils to go out there and win big.”

The film is an extension of the thematic campaign ‘Fill the air with goodness’ that Daikin launched a month ago. The idea is based on the belief that the world can become a better place by doing good. In the campaign, the child is a symbol of our future and a reminder that the future depends on us. ‘Fill the Air with Goodness’ as a thought is a norm-breaker that aims to take the air-conditioner as a category to new heights, with a brand message that says that what is good for business is good for the people.

Pooja Malhotra Pooja Malhotra

According to Pooja Malhotra, Sr. VP, Hakuhodo Percept, “The anthem with its inspiring lyrics and thumping music not only fuels the fire to win but also urges to spread goodness. ‘Fill the air with goodness’ is more than just a campaign. It is the start of a movement. And we believe that everyone can do his or her bit.”

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Client: Daikin Air conditioners

Creative Agency: Hakuhodo Percept

Chief Operating Officer: Elvis Sequeira

Creative Directors: Shobhit Mathur and Arindam Roy

Account Management Team: Pooja Malhotra, Mayur Chandra, Vijayta Bisht, Tanuj Sethia

Account Planning Team: Jayanto Banerjee, Divya Sharma

Production House: Santamental Films

Director (film): Keyur Shah

Song composed and written by: Dr Palash Sen

Additional Lyrics by: Arindam Roy, Prashant Trivedi, Alok Parande, Ashish Ddavidd

Arranged by: DJ Bhaduri, Prashant Trivedi, Adil Rashid

Vocals: Dr. Palash Sen

Rap: Dr. Palash Sen and Ashish Ddavidd

Guitar: Adil Rashid

Bass: DJ Bhaduri

Percussion and Programming: Prashant Trivedi

Mixed and Mastered by: Eric Pillai (FSOB)

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