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ABP News Network launches Gujarati news channel, ABP Asmita

'Khabar Amari, Pragati Tamari' is the tagline of the 24x7 news channel, which is also available on the digital platform

ABP News Network launches Gujarati news channel, ABP Asmita

"Khabar Amari, Pragati Tamari" is the tagline of the 24x7 news channel, which is also available on the digital platform

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | March 22, 2016


The ABP News Network has launched its Gujarati news channel "ABP Asmita" for Gujarati viewers, in both India and around the world.  The channel flaunts the tag line, "Khabar Amari, Pragati Tamari" and telecasts news and news related programmes 24x7. The channel has a digital platform too, at

Speaking of the launch, Group Editor of the ABP News Network, Shazi Zaman, said, "We intend to telecast ‘ABP Asmita’ for our Gujarati viewers to fulfill their requirement of quality news with equal dedication of utmost quality and neutrality with which we telecast Hindi, Bangla and Marathi channels."

Ashok Venkatramani Ashok Venkatramani

Ashok Venkatramani, CEO of ABP News Network, said, “We are committed to making ABP Asmita a strong conveyor of pride for which the Gujaratis are known globally and at the same time to contribute in their progress. We are using the best and latest technology to broadcast the ‘ABP Asmita’ channel, this will serve the Gujaratis in India and in every corner of the world with quality news at a lightning speed.”

Executive Editor of ABP Asmita, Brajesh Kumar Singh, said, “We have built a modern studio and news room at Ahmedabad, equipped with latest technology and robotic cameras to telecast our programmes. We are proud enough to say that ABP Asmita is the first channel in Gujarat to make use of robotic cameras. We also have our channel bureaus in major cities of Gujarat like Gandhinagar, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara from where we telecast live news with the help of the latest live-U technology.”

ABP Asmita airs live news bulletins continuously, from early morning till midnight. It also offers programmes like 'Fatafat' and 'Top 20', which provide short, but precise information about events that occurs in India and around the worldwide. A news roundup known as "Aapni Khabar, Aapna Reporter", telecast at 7 PM every day, covers news from the remotes parts of Gujarat.

‘Mahacharcha’ is a debate on current affairs aired at 8 PM daily. The programme ‘Mahanagar’, scheduled at 9 PM every day, updates viewers of news and events from all the major cities of Gujarat. ‘Asmita Vishesh’ and ‘Asmita Sanvaad’ analyze special events and telecast interviews of well-known personalities.

News is updated expeditiously on the website News bulletins and various other programmes of the ABP Asmita Channel are also uploaded on the website. Viewers may view "ABP Asmita" live on the website.

The ABP News Network includes other popular news channels like "ABP News" in Hindi, "ABP Ananda" in Bengali and "ABP Majha" in Marathi. ABP News Network is a part of theABP Group, which is among the oldest and most reputed media groups in India. The ABP Group publishes almost a dozen publications, which include the Bengali daily ‘Anand Bazar Patrika’ and the English language daily, ‘The Telegraph’. The Bengali daily, ‘Anand Bazar Patrika’ was first published from Kolkata in 1922 and played a major role in India's freedom struggle.

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