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Brickworks and Da Vinci caught in legal feud

Da Vinci Media (supported by Raghav Bahl and Quintillion Media) had hired Brickworks as its distribution agency and was also subscribing to some research data. The two agencies parted ways in January 2016

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | December 8, 2016

Da-Vinci-Learning-and-Quintillion-MediaAs the legal feud between Brickworks (founded by Pankaj Krishna) and Da Vinci Media (supported by Raghav Bahl and The Quintillion Media) becomes a topic of discussion on social media, BestMediaInfo spoke to both entities to understand the matter.

Pankaj Krishna Pankaj Krishna

On December 4, 2016, Krishna uploaded a post on his personal Facebook account about the alleged dues which Bahl and his company owe to Brickworks. When asked to elaborate, Krishna said, “Da Vinci Media owes us an X amount and they parted ways with us in January 2016. While we kept following up on this money, he suddenly stopped taking our calls and responding to our communication recently. I got a letter from him wherein he has claimed compensation from Brickworks for losses that his company bore because of us.”

Da Vinci Media had hired Brickworks as its distribution agency and was also subscribing some research data from the research agency. The two agencies parted ways on a ‘good note’ in January 2016.

Monomita Mukhopadhyay Monomita Mukhopadhyay

Monomita Mukhopadhyay, Marketing Director at Da Vinci Learning, clarified that this is not a personal fight. “One has to understand that these are two companies getting into a legal battle and it’s not Mr Krishna versus Mr Bahl. We had sent a demand notice to Krishna’s office for non-performance since we did not quite get what was promised to us. Krishna's Facebook post is a reaction to this demand notice sent by Da Vinci Media to his company for breach of contract. Please note that it has nothing to do with Raghav Bahl personally or with The Quint. The legal dispute is with Da Vinci Quint. Brickworks Media Pvt Ltd was appointed and engaged as the agent and sole representative of Da Vinci Media in respect of distribution and promotion of Da Vinci Learning (DVM’s channel). However, Brickworks failed to meet all its contractual obligations. Hence a legal notice was served for all damages. DVM and its lawyers are doing the needful.”

Sources said the compensation claimed by Da Vinci Media is close to 20 times the amount the company owes to Brickworks.

Riya Maity Riya Maity

Riya Maity, AVP, Business Development and Alliances, Chrome DM and Brickworks, said, “They have claimed an obscene amount, while Bahl stopped taking our calls in the last few days. Da Vinci Media was working on the platform which was finalised by us till a few months back and suddenly he has sent us this notice. We are all wondering why this thing has come up suddenly after 11 months from their side. The amount that they have claimed is both absurd and immature."

Maity, who was servicing the account back then, mentioned that it was Bahl's decision to move on from the deal which the two companies had. “He had agreed to clear all dues when he walked out in January 2016. I was present in all the meets heading the account and Raghav was the man leading those meetings. Brickworks had done all the efforts and only the closure was pending when he decided to take it over. We have decided to go head on with legal for their impudent attempts of sending intimidating mails to Krishna. We'll do whatever it takes. They have to clear the dues now,” she added.


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