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Graphic India and Disney India bring new animated superhero series with Bachchan

The first look of Astra Force was released on October 11, Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday

October 12, 2016


In August last year, Graphic India and Disney Channel India had announced the production of the superhero animated series – ‘Astra Force’ -- with legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. Slated to go on air on Disney Channel soon, Graphic India and Disney Channel India revealed its first look on Bachchan’s birthday, October 11, as a surprise for millions of fans around the world.

A funny and fast-paced, action-adventure series filled with laughs and thrills, ‘Astra Force’ tells the story of a mythical hero from a distant world, who was stranded on earth millions of years ago after an epic space battle.

When eight-year-old brother and sister twins accidentally awaken the mythical superhero from his long hibernation, they must teach him about our modern world and join Astra to save the universe from a new wave of giant monsters and intergalactic threats.

Siddharth Roy Kapur Siddharth Roy Kapur

“At Disney, we believe in showcasing great stories with compelling characters that are loved by our audience. It is imperative to get the local texture right for any story to resonate and emotionally connect with the viewers. With Bachchan associating with Graphics India and Disney Channel India on ‘Astra Force,’ we will be bringing an interesting facet to storytelling in the local animation space,” said Siddharth Roy Kapur, Managing Director, Disney India.

“Amitabh Bachchan is a real-life superhero to millions, including myself, so it’s no surprise that he is the perfect person to become immortalised in this new animated avatar,” said Sharad Devarajan, Graphic’s Co-Founder & CEO. “The opportunity to collaborate with Bachchan on ‘Astra Force’ is made that much stronger by partnering with Disney, a company whose creativity and storytelling I have admired all my life.”

Disney Channel India has been entertaining kids and families through a range of locally relevant stories spread across high-quality animation series and ‘Astra Force’ will be the perfect complement to the line-up of existing shows.

Devarajan is the Producer on ‘Astra Force’ along with Jeevan J Kang, SVP Creative at Graphic India, who is overseeing visual development, character design and art for the project. Graphic’s previous animated superhero, Chakra The Invincible, was created with Stan Lee (co-creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Avengers) and received over 30 million views globally on Rovio’s ToonsTV platform available through the Angry Birds app.

Graphic India is a character entertainment company focused on creating leading characters, comics and stories through mobile and digital platforms.

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