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Dentsu Webchutney launches interactive coaster – Bro’ster – for Morning Fresh

It’s the first-ever interactive coaster that holds your drink, helps you drink smart, and even cues in a hangover in real time!

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 5, 2016


Clubs, pubs and other F&B establishments have constantly tried their best to get the attention of their patrons. However, most experiences are soon forgotten once the night passes, and all that remains as a mark of a great night is an even greater hangover! Cue in Morning Fresh, a safe and natural alcohol detox drink that gives you a shot at a fresh start the next morning.

But here’s the thing. No one can estimate whether a hangover is in line before it’s too late, especially when we’ve had one too many. This is why, Morning Fresh, along with its digital partner, DentsuWebchutney, has created a ‘Bro’ out of the one thing that knows how you drink best: the Coaster. DentsuWebchutneyhas designed the Bro’ster – the first-ever interactive coaster that holds your drink, helps you drink smart, and even cues in a hangover in real time! Much like a wingman, for your drink.

The Bro’ster is a pocket-sized entertainer with built-in load sensors that calculate your drinking data over a span of time and it throws up funny, flirty and sometimes sarcastic messages on its LCD screen, after every sip that you take.

Once you’re done drinking, the Bro’ster even plans to use the data received through your session to set customized rewards and offers. Think cabrides for those that drank too much, to food coupons for those who’ve had very little, to bottles of Morning Fresh when the Bro’ster knows you may have a hangover.

Mitali Tandon Mitali Tandon

“At Morning Fresh we are always trying to push the envelope to create an innovative and fresh experience for our customers. As a young brand, it is important for us to find ways to engage with our audience in a meaningful and relevant way,” said Mitali Tandon, Co-Founder of Morning Fresh.

Gautam Reghunath Gautam Reghunath

“The brand promise of Morning Fresh and the entire Bro’ster experience were a great fit,” said Gautam Reghunath, Senior VP, Dentsu Webchutney. “Though the Bro’ster is still in its early stages, we can’t wait to explore its possibilities and develop it further. Internet of Things is an area we’re experimenting with for a lot of our clients through the Dentsu Webchutney Innovation Labs. The idea is to consistently try and create new, out-there experiences that can get brands and consumers to interact.”

PG Aditiya PG Aditiya

“We wanted to ensure no one felt left out,” commented PG Aditiya, Creative Director (Copy) at Dentsu Webchutney. "Alone or with your gang, the Bro’ster will surely make your night a memorable one.”

What’s the way forward for the Bro'ster? Tandon explained, “We're starting with a few pubs and bars in Bangalore, and hope to scale it to serve more patrons. Additionally, it is exciting to see the role real–time data can play in the F&B industry."

To see how this snazzy coaster did on its debut:


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