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CenturyPly salutes unsung champions this festive season

The company intends to celebrate those heroes who relentlessly do their thankless jobs without expecting anything in return while we have a great time

September 22, 2016

CenturyPlyCentury Plyboards India Ltd is back with its annual award winning campaign – CenturyPly Heroes 2016. The campaign is in line with their ongoing ‘Sab Sahe Mast Rahe’ TVC.

The Sab Sahe Mast Rahe ideology of CenturyPly denotes quality, trust, tenacity and strength of character that the brand portrays. The CenturyPly Heroes 2016 campaign aims to felicitate heroes who regularly bring alive the brand ideology in their everyday lives.

CenturyPly Heroes was an initiative started in 2014 to recognise and salute the carpenter’s indomitable spirit, the skill and the commitment to the art and to life at large. This year, CenturyPly has extended the campaign to people beyond the carpenter community to the heroes we encounter every day and without whom the festivities lose it colour – policemen, fast-food vendors, electrician, dhakis, ambulance drivers, sweepers, nurses or doctors on duty or any such person who are the epitome of the ‘Sab Sahe Mast Rahe’ spirit and attitude.

Imagine going out pandal hopping and all the streets are littered because the sweepers are on leave or no street food to gorge on when the hunger pang strikes because all the vendors are enjoying with their family or no ambulance or nurse at a hospital to help you out in case of an emergency. CenturyPly intends to celebrate these heroes who relentlessly do their thankless jobs without expecting anything in return while we have a great time during the festival.

The campaign will invite people to share pictures of those lesser known people who work day in and day out while we are out on the streets enjoying the festival of Durga Puja. CenturyPly will identify the fraternity, getting the maximum pictures from the people and will felicitate them. The programme is being promoted through print, electronic and outdoor media, and of course, a well-planned digital marketing strategy for driving traffic to the social media promotions.

Sanjay Agarwal, MD, CenturyPly, said, “CenturyPly has always celebrated the ‘Sab Sahe Mast Rahe’ spirit. This year’s CenturyPly Heroes intends to celebrate the unsung heroes we come across in our lives everyday yet we do not acknowledge their efforts in a way that they deserve. Through this initiative, we hope to make a small difference in their lives while bringing a smile on their faces.”

Amit Gope Amit Gope

“CenturyPly Heroes is a special campaign to all of us, as it helps us touch the lives of those people who work hard throughout the year yet somehow go unnoticed. We want this campaign to reach out the mass so that through their engagement with these people, we can make this campaign a grand success,” said Amit Gope, Group Head, Marketing.

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