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Goafest 2016: FCB Global CEO Carter Murray's formula of survival in the industry

On the concluding day of Goafest, the Worldwide CEO of FCB explained how ‘our survival is on listening’

Archit Ambekar | Goa | April 11, 2016

Carter-Murray Carter Murry in conversation with Nakul Chopra

On the last day of the advertising festival at Goa, the audience witnessed an enlightening address by one of the finest advertising minds in the World. Carter Murray, Worldwide CEO, FCB, addressed on how one can survive in the industry.

In his opening remark on Saturday, he said that our survival is on listening. Our industry’s mindset should be like, ‘What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger!’ He mentions that they are in the ideas business and that is what comes from within.

Sharing some details about a CISCO report, he noticed that the world is going digital and how! He mentions that about 90 per cent of all internet traffic will be video based. There are about 60 trillion web addresses, four million apps, and more than three billion searches every day, 15 per cent of which are never seen before. He adds, “For Google, a 0.5 second delay is equal to a 20 per cent drop in traffic. Similarly, for; a one second delay is equal to a percentage drop in sales.”

As mobile also is a part of digital, an average person looks at his mobile phone about 150 times in a day. He quoted, “Facebook is trying to connect two thirds of the world that is not connected to the world. About data, I think most marketers use six per cent of the data for decisions today. Data is waiting for its Scorsese.”

Murray stresses on four key factors that agencies should do - change, different, better and never finished. “While being different is good, one needs to be better rather than being different. Different doesn’t always have a value - better does. Lastly, big ideas are never finished. We should never think that a brief is never finished,” explained Murray.

He suggests, “If you are a creative person, then challenge your accountability to better yourself.” Finally, what really matters for all of us is ‘Talent.’ Murray concludes by quoting Adam Bryan from NYT - It’s not the path; it’s what you do with it.

Watch Carter Murray, Global CEO, FCB at Goafest 2016 Knowledge Seminar:


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