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Aditya Birla Housing promises home buyers loans befitting their true worth

The commercial conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu demonstrates how prospective home owners could gauge the true worth of a home loan they are entitled to

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | April 18, 2016

Click on the image to watch the TVC. Click on the image to watch the TVC.

All young Indians aspire for a home and parents yearn for dream homes for their children. Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited demonstrates how a prospective home owner may be able to gauge the true worth of a home he (or she) is entitled to, through a tool offered by the brand –

The film conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu demonstrates how prospective home owners could gauge the true worth of a home loan they are entitled to. The TVC opens with a father inaugurating a son’s factory. Close relatives and friends of the man are present during the happy moment. After the inauguration, the man drives his parents back home and tells them that he was glad they could make it to the factory inauguration from Meerut.

The family then returns to a modest home, where spiraling staircases lead to rooms upstairs. The young entrepreneur’s mother then suggests that now that Lady Luck had smiled on him, the successful entrepreneur should bring the Goddess Lakshmi home too, implying that he should have a home befitting his stature. The film then highlights how could help a prospective home owner gauge his entitlement to a home loan. The commercial ends showcasing the benefits of

Ajay Kakar Ajay Kakar

Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group, said, “Our research gave us the insight that a home loan customer in India rues the fact that he is not considered worthy of a home loan amount on the basis of what he is truly worthy of. While their current and past reality is considered, their future potential is not given any weightage. This not only led to the creation of our communications campaign, but first gave birth to Aditya Birla Housing Finance launching A tool that helps you realize your true worth. And empowers us to give you a loan that does reflect your true worth.”

Agnello Dias Agnello Dias

Agnello Dias, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Taproot Dentsu India, said, “This was a lovely insight that captured how our drive for success leads us to neglect some of the most important stages of our life. So caught up are we in our ambition that we tend to forget the reasons why we had that ambition in the first place. A warm, comfortable home for us and our loved ones, for instance. This is a simple, powerful film that captures exactly that.”

Pallavi Chakravarti Pallavi Chakravarti

Pallavi Chakravarti, Senior Creative Director, Taproot India, said, “Home Loans. EMIs. Interest Rates. These words make India's middle class population uneasy, and with good reason. People want the home of their dreams, but end up with a house they can just about afford. Because we rarely get the loan amount we are truly worth. With the introduction of, Aditya Birla Finance Home Loans aims to change this scenario. And the launch campaign leaves people with a thought-provoking question: Is your home worthy of you?”

Peers’ review

MG Parameswaran MG Parameswaran

A peer review of the commercial, though, was not as laudatory. MG Parameswaran (Ambi), Brand Strategist, Founder,, said, “In the first look this ad looked like yet another ad from a bank offering loans for SMEs. Then it looked like an ad for a car. Then an ad for an elevator company. Finally, I even thought it was an ad for knee replacement surgery. But it is an ad for a home loan; a home improvement loan may be. But who is Lakshmi, I am still wondering.”

“The flip side is that we are seeing financial services brands starting to spend on brand building advertising. So from that point it is a good move. A nuanced way of selling home loans; buy a home that fits your lifestyle, don’t stay in the same house if you can stay in a better one. I suppose that was the brief. Not a bad brief. I wish the story was a little more tightly told,” added Ambi.

Rahul Jauhari Rahul Jauhari

Rahul Jauhari, Chief Creative Officer, Rediffusion Y&R, was also of the opinion that the commercial took time to get to the point. “While the film plays on emotions, which it should, I felt it takes a lot of time to come to the actual point it wants to make. Could have been sharper, more precise. Else I like the casting and performance.”

Emmanuel Upputuru Emmanuel Upputuru

Emmanuel Upputuru, Founder and Chief Integration Officer, ITSA, vindicated the opinion of his counterparts in the advertising industry. “The film takes a lot of labour of love to tell a simple product story. I do not know if it's worth that much effort. Having said that, the direction, the acting and the dialogues are in the good zone. At the end, the main message I hope doesn't get lost in the drama. Drama should be used to accentuate a key product message,” he said.

The TVC:



Agency: Taproot Dentsu India

Chief Creative Officers: Agnello Dias, Santosh Padhi

Chief Executive Officer: Umesh Shrikhande

Sr. Creative Director: Pallavi Chakravarti

Copy Group Head: Neeraj Kanitkar

General Manager: Ayesha Ghosh

Head of Strategic Planning: Ninad Umargekar

Planning Director: Dipika Saggi

Account Director: Priyank Misra

Account Manager: Ambalika Sen

Production House: Oink Films

Director: Shirsha Guha Thakurta

Producers: Gautam Vaze, Naved Punjabi

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