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iGameLeague launches gaming on mobile

The gaming platform allows players to play both online and offline. Citrus is the wallet partner of the venture

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 11, 2016


A unique gaming platform, iGameLeague (iGL), was launched in Mumbai recently. The platform enables gameplays on mobile devices anytime, anywhere, both online and offline, making the gaming company’s theme, ‘Play Mobile Games - Win Real Cash’, a reality.

iGameLeague offers 20 popular mobile games on the platform, which players can download and register for, in simple, easy steps. According to iGameLeague Co-Founder, Nilesh Thakkar, Citrus, which is the official partner, will give out Rs 50 to each player as a sponsor. The startup is already valued at Rs 70 crore.

Nilesh Thakkar Nilesh Thakkar

Thakkar said, “This is first and sole professional mobile gaming platform in India. Just as YouTube is a platform for video, we are for the gaming industry with monopoly. Till now there have been print, TV, outdoor, radio, online, etc., and now there is one more medium, the digital mobile medium, where one can not only play, the way people play Candy Crush etc., but also win. The media partner advertisers, meanwhile, reach their target audience.”

Thakkar felt that the venture held out a huge opportunity for advertisers, who could become sponsors of individual players through iGL. Games powered by iGameLeague allow existing media owners to create and own a new medium for branding and delivering publicity content, according to him.

The iGL platform’s specific functions, like views, impressions, registrations, and downloads, enable players to establish greater brand association and relationship. iGameLeague hopes to create a massive disruption in the advertising world, with its new-age medium for mass engagement, in times when the smart phone was hugely popular.

At a recently conducted beta launch of the platform in Mumbai, more than 2,300 students from 18 top colleges, including HR, Nationals, Thakur and KJ Somaiya, participated in Mumbai-iGameLeague and won cash prizes worth more than Rs 1 lakh. The students were able to make unlimited attempts to better their scores during the 20 days of the league and were highly excited about the event.

ABP Maajha was the media partner. Players were able to easily withdraw their winning amounts in cash through Citrus, which is the wallet partner on the platform. Earlier at a test event held in Bangalore, players enjoyed playing and winning in the Super Hero Show Video Game, promoted by Radio Fever.

After the successful beta, iGL is in the process of doing a massive national launch of the platform through brand, media and celebrity partnerships. Various business houses have evinced keen interest in buying the territorial rights of various regions of the platform.

Devesh Gupta Devesh Gupta

The iGameLeague team comprises Devesh Gupta, Founder, and Co-Founders Thakkar, Susanta Dutta and Nishith Maheshwari. Ritesh Khandelwal is the Financial Advisor of the venture. Gupta has been a serial entrepreneur with a strong track record in nurturing technology start-ups.

Susanta Dutta Susanta Dutta

Thakkar has more than 20 years of experience in various top notch print and electronic media companies and has won several prestigious awards in the field of sales and marketing. Susanta Dutta has more than 18 years of professional expertise in the field of augmented reality, game and simulation and enterprise solution development.

Nishith Maheshwari Nishith Maheshwari

Maheshwari has more than five years of experience in different industries, including IT, financial services and real estate. He was the core of the corporate planning team at Infosys BPO. Khandelwal has worked with one of the ‘Big Four’, KPMG, and has more than 10 years of experience in the venture capital space and in investment banking - and a strong acumen in financial data analytics.

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