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Arrow shows how to be ‘Be Bold. Be Anything’ to break social stereotypes

Conceptualised by Autumn Worldwide, through their Women’s Day campaign the brand has interestingly brought out how there is a need to break stereotypes about women’s capabilities

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 9, 2016

Arrow Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Arrow, the clothing brand, has tried to create an impression this Women’s Day through their campaign ‘Be Bold.Be Anything’. This is a step to break the stereotypes in society about how women have limited career options in a ‘boys’ world’. What better than shooting little children and asking them about their ambitions in a video.

The video titled ‘Be Bold. Be Anything’ has already got 1.68 lakh views in less than a week on YouTube, connecting an emotional thread in breaking prejudices. The two-and-a-half-minute long film starts off with children (4-8 year age-group) talking about their ambitions. As it progresses, the surveyor prompts various professions (male-dominated jobs) to the kids and asks for their views. In all their innocence, the kids agree how tough jobs like police officers, soldiers, pilots and footballers are not meant for females.

Later, the video suggests how conditioned a society is in believing that women are not suitable to do certain jobs because it is a belief that only men can do them. While stating that let’s give the children a free world to choose their profession, the video brings in a set of female professionals from all the above sectors.

Conceptualised by Autumn Worldwide, the digital ad puts out the message very subtly. “Stereotyping is so part of our culture and upbringing that while we are seeing the beginning of women in combat forces or women making a mark in sports like boxing, it is still very difficult as a society to perceive women in such roles. As Arrow, we decided to open minds and salute these bold women who are setting new benchmarks and paving the way for new generations,” said Anusha Shetty, Co-founder and CEO, Autumn Worldwide.

The brand has urged to the audience to show their children a world where they can be bold and achieve anything. The video has innocent responses and beautifully conveys to the society of yesterday and today that the future is about being sensitive yet adaptive to a woman’s dreams, her passion, and inspiring her to be powerful and achieve her goals. All conversations are currently live at #beboldbeanything across social networks.

Venkatramani K, CEO, Heritage Brands, said, “The responses from kids throw up a lot of questions about our behaviour and gives us strong insights on the belief and value systems that we are passing on to our children. The thought questions a lot of prejudices within our society. This social experiment on the eve of Women’s Day only aims at inspiring parents and the society to break these norms and empower everyone including girls to live their dreams.”

In another leg of the campaign, the brand has requested women to share their inspiring stories with #BeBoldBeAnything.

 The TVC:



Agency: Autumn Worldwide

Brand: Arrow 1851, a premium apparel brand

Production house: Undercover Squirrel

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