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Performics creates dashboard of dreams for OLX

The Twitter chatter dashboard, ‘dreamscometrue.olx.in’ is made up of real life tweets from Indians and their aspiration for dream products

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 25, 2016


ZenithOptimedia Group’s performance marketing arm, Performics, has created India’s first ever animated and interactive Twitter chatter dashboard for OLX. OLX.in is a leading consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace. It brings sellers and buyers together for transactions in used goods and services and boasts of being India’s number one online classifieds platform.

The unique chatter dashboard, ‘dreamscometrue.olx.in’ is made up of real life tweets from Indians and their aspiration for dream products. Performics employed a distinctive content strategy, where innovative content themes were created for the pre-launch, launch, and post launch phases of the campaign. In the first phase of the activity, Performics used Twitter influencers to offset #Dreamscometrue and promoted the core idea on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites to engage viewers.

On ‘Dreams Come True Day’ which fell on January 13, the hashtag #Dreamscometrue trended for more than eleven hours, after conversation on Twitter went viral. The initiative created organic conversation and OLX engaged audiences without a contest or other explicit marketing efforts.

The campaign was beautifully integrated allowing users to tweet, or interact via banner advertisements on an external location on the #Dreamscometrue theme, with the tweets immediately appearing on the OLX dashboard. The dashboard is animated in the form of bubbles to be visually appealing. Every time a user clicks on a bubble, he or she can view a tweet.

Mayoori Kango Mayoori Kango

Dreamscometrue.olx.in quite literally allowed users to view the dreams of the Indian population and their aspirations for products ranging from cars to gadgets. Mayoori Kango, Chief Digital Officer, ZenithOptimedia Group said, “We wanted to project OLX as an enabler of dreams. The purpose of any social campaign is to take off on an idea or a thought that resonates with the public. By getting users to talk about their product wish list, we trended on all eight days of the campaign. There was no in-your-face advertising here. What started out as a conversation, took on a viral effect and before you knew it, third party brands also caught on to the trending topic.”

A complex algorithm was used, so that only those who wished to, could make it to the dashboard, which was relevant to OLX. Other brands also began tweeting around the same theme after #Dreamscometrue started trending on Twitter. The campaign ran for most of January and other hashtags were used in the campaign, which included #Giftingme, #Chahiye, #Ineed and #Iwant #LookingFor. These themes were just as successful. Of the eight hash tags that were created by Performics, six trended in the top 10.

Mailers were sent out to users where they were encouraged to tweet their wants. Advertisements that ran on Instagram and Facebook came with interesting copy such as “Dreams turn into reality with OLX.  Tweet the product you want using hashtags #Iwant #Ineed #Chahiye today and let us find that for you on OLX.”

Said Gaurav Mehta, CMO, OLX India, “Everyday OLX enables dreams by bringing people together for win-win exchanges. #DreamsComesTrue campaign captured the essence of OLX as a brand, integrating the campaign message to aspirations that people resonate with. We look forward to creating many more great digital campaigns with Performics in the future.”


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