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Rediffusion-Y&R Group and The Social Street form strategic alliance

The alliance that will come into effect from March 1, 2016 aims to create strong positioning in the market for both Rediffusion and The Social Street

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 18, 2016


Rediffusion - Y & R Group and The Social Street have entered into a strategic alliance to provide value added marketing services to clients of Rediffusion - Y & R, Everest Brand Solutions and Rediffusion Wunderman. It is going to be one of the most exciting things to watch out in this space to witness how customer value and sustainable competitive advantage is unlocked through this alliance. The alliance that will come into effect from March 1, 2016 aims to create strong positioning in the market for both Rediffusion and The Social Street.

Rediffusion-Y&R Group and The Social Street will leverage their individual strengths to partner and provide greater value to clients and collaborate to tap opportunities for growth in the market. The alliance will enable Rediffusion-Y&R Group’s clients to benefit from The Social Street’s extensive network, capabilities, and expertise in bringing together a more effective and optimized solutions to clients. This integrated offering will include Digital, Media, Experiential, Out of Home, Retail, Entertainment, Cause Marketing and also extends to Semi-Urban and Rural Activations and Outreach.

Dhunji S. Wadia Dhunji S. Wadia

Says Dhunji S. Wadia, President, Rediffusion-Y&R Group, “This is one of the deepest integrations to date, marking yet another milestone in the Group’s plan for a consolidated media investment management operation.  Our services are designed to offer an integrated yet seamless solution across the communications continuum. The focus is to bring competitive advantage to our clients and our companies.”

Pratap Bose Pratap Bose

Pratap Bose, Founding Partner & Chairman, The Social Street, said, "This is going to be a very exciting journey for both Rediffusion and us.  It will be a great growth story to tell the world.  Our shared vision and collective capabilities should help us serve nothing but the best to all the clients as part of this alliance.  We are all focused on one single client centric objective through this alliance and that is unlocking value for clients.  With the wealth of expertise in both Rediffusion and TSS, I have no doubt in saying that we will make it the strongest and successful alliance ever.”

Mandeep Malhotra Mandeep Malhotra

Mandeep Malhotra, Founding Partner & CEO, the Social Street, added, “I am personally very excited about this alliance and looking forward to creating many stories together in this journey with Rediffusion. My career in the agency world started with Rediffusion and it feels now that the circle is getting closer. There is nothing more exciting for me then working with energetic, talented, committed and a fun team. Organizations that partner or complement each other in this manner are going to be more nimble footed in the future, in creating customer-oriented value.”

On a lighter side a Bong a Parsi and a Sardar working together promises to be a lot of fun J

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