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Insight: Can conventional storytelling sustain campaigns in 2016?

Advertising has been known for its evolution and innovations year on year. With every dawn this industry has seen some new formats coming to the fore. We spoke to a few advertising veterans to elicit their views conventional storytelling

Aanchal Kohli | Mumbai | January 5, 2016


For years advertising has thrived on conventional formats media such as television, radio, Out of Home and print, but of late, rather over the last couple of years, new forms of media have taken over the minds and strategies of quite a few brands.

No matter what the medium is, what plays a vital role is the way a brand tells a story. Digital and social media is increasingly coming to the forefront and storytelling is taking to the long format with great effect.

2015 saw some great work of storytelling on various mediums and brands/marketers have been seen using variants to spread awareness for their brands and services. The year saw a lot of ups and downs in terms of changing consumer behaviour and preferences, therefore giving marketers an opportunity, or may be a challenge, to tap consumers on unconventional mediums or platforms.

We spoke to a few advertising veterans to find out if 'Conventional storytelling can sustain ad campaigns for a whole year in 2016?' By and large, these seasoned professionals are convinced that conventional storytelling will stay, but may have to be re-crafted to suit newer mediums and demands from brands.

MG Parameswaran MG Parameswaran

Ambi Parameswaran, Executive Director, FCB Ulka:

Ads are but stories woven around a brand. That will continue forever. The length may increase or decrease.

Agnello Dias Agnello Dias

Agnello Dias, Co-founder and CCO, Taproot India:

Yes, conventional story telling will sustain ad campaigns because the basic drivers of human emotion don’t change. The formats in which they will be disbursed will change and are changing and that often confuses us about the fundamentals of storytelling.

Ashish Chakravarty Ashish Chakravarty

Ashish Chakravarty, NCD, Contract Advertising:

Advertising is about telling a story to its consumers. New businesses or start-ups are making use of new media but we still have brands that keep conventional mediums as a priority. So these mediums are surely going to stay but other forms will also be taken up.

Raj Kamble Raj Kamble

Raj Kamble, Founder & CCO, Famous Innovations:

It is going to stay here for sure. Classic is classic. Television, Newspaper and Radio are here to stay. A lot of people in India still read the newspaper first thing in the morning. These classic mediums will continue to matter. There is no doubt that there are brands which use new media but new media will do well in the long run while classic media will sustain.

Satbir Singh Satbir Singh

Satbir Singh, CCO, ?FCB Ulka:

While we will see digital getting stronger in 2016, whether because of global mandates for MNC clients or otherwise, storytelling will become even more important. Clutter across media will be choking advertising and the only communication that will rise above this will be stories that are well told and crafted.

Ashish Khazanchi Ashish Khazanchi

Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner at Enormous:

It all depends on how a brand uses a medium. It depends upon the way a brand tells a story to its consumers. The mediums are a support but the whole game is of the story involved for any advertising campaign.

Manish Bhatt Manish Bhatt

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications:

The one change which we have all seen is that social media or digital media is being used to support the actual art of storytelling on conventional media. Brands are using new forms of media to accelerate the response for their product and services. Today, brands focus on making ads which are socially debatable and which can create some kind of buzz in the social media.

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