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Maggi gives a new-age twist to mother-daughter bonding in new ad

Nestle India’s flagship brand goes contemporary in its new campaign conceptualised by Publicis, yet remain connected to the hunger bond between mother and child

Maggi gives a new-age twist to mother-daughter bonding in new ad

Nestle India’s flagship brand goes contemporary in its new campaign conceptualised by Publicis, yet remain connected to the hunger bond between mother and child

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | February 18, 2015

Maggi-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Maggi has launched its brand new campaign, titled ‘Mummy’s Khushiyon Ki Recipe’ for its Masala noodles. Conceptualised by Publicis, the campaign celebrates the beautiful mother-daughter bonding with a new age twist. Maggi Noodles, Nestle India’s flagship brand, has dominated the Indian instant noodles market for nearly three decades. Over the years, the brand has innovated and added new variants of noodles in the form of ‘Maggi Soupy noodles’, ‘Maggi Atta noodles’, ‘Maggi Oats Noodles’ and others. The communication, too, has changed over the years.

Two new TVCs have been launched as part of the latest campaign, which not only highlight the mother-daughter bond, but also talk about special recipes that they make with Maggi.

Bobby Pawar (left) and Partha Sinha Bobby Pawar (left) and Partha Sinha

Commenting on the creative strategy, Partha Sinha, Director and Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia at Publicis Worldwide, said, “With years, the work on Maggi is becoming more and more fundamental. We were looking for one such fundamental truth and we figured that ‘Hunger’ probably is the most primal bond between a mother and a child.”

Adding to this, Bobby Pawar, Director and Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Worldwide, said, “Once we had a powerful fundamental insight, the job of the creative was to tell a story contexted in current cultural shift. We came up with two stories that demonstrate the power of hunger bond. The context is always modern, the content is always universal. That’s Maggi for you.”

The first TVC starts with the mother helping her daughter to pack her things as she gets ready to move out and stay on her own. The mother is upset and asks her the reason for shifting out even though she will be in the same city. The daughter explains that she needs to do this for self because she has to become independent. The mother tries her usual blackmailing tips like ‘Yes, why will you need your mom now’ and then tries to change the topic by asking if she is hungry, to which the daughter replies “yes” and offers to make the Maggi herself. The film shows how the daughter takes charge of everything and makes her mother sit quietly. Once the Maggi is done, the mother asks her, why she needs to do this, as whenever she is hungry she can always come home. The daughter urges her to try the food, following which the mother realises that the meal tastes exactly like the one she makes. The film ends with the young independent daughter inviting the mother to her new house whenever she is hungry.

The second TVC begins with a young girl walking into her house in tears because she was being teased by her schoolmates about her name, Rajkumari (princess). Highly upset, she asks her mother why she was given that name. In an attempt to pacify the young girl, the mother makes her favourite Maggi even though the daughter insists that she isn’t hungry. Once the meal is ready, the daughter can’t help resist the temptation to not have her special Maggi. The mother at this point asks her why she calls the Maggi special, to which the girl responds, “If it is special, you call it special.” To which the mother also reminds the daughter that you call a princess, a princess. The film ends with the girl smiling and going back to enjoy her meal.

Both the films end with the voice-over, ‘Kuch Khushiyon Ki Recipe Sirf Maa Ko Hi Aati Hain’ Nestle. Good food. Good life. The communication has resonated quite well with consumers online as well, with views crossing 1.5 million on YouTube in just two days.

Creative verdict:

Nima DT Namchu Nima DT Namchu

Nima DT Namchu, Chief Creative Officer, Cheil India feels that in the new TVCs, the brand is talking to those who are leaving their nest. “The films are well executed and portray nice sweet stories. The idea of ‘Mummy bhukh lagi hain’ in earlier Maggi campaigns was getting tiring and, therefore, in the new campaign, Maggi has done a good job by showing something which is more real as Maggi is one of the most consumed products by people who are living by themselves and are away from home,” he added.

According to Cyrus Sahiar, Creative Director, Metal Communications, “The advertising of Maggi Noodles has gradually evolved from functional (satiate hunger in two minutes) to a higher order emotional benefit. In that sense, the campaign is a natural progression in the journey of the brand’s communication. The films feel contemporary and different. Yet, they connect back to the values. An example of how good and relevant storytelling can keep a brand refreshed.”

Subhadeep Dawn Subhadeep Dawn

Subhadeep Dawn, Senior Art Director, Bates CHI & Partners, commented, “I liked the brand strategy as they have nicely communicated the message that the brand is getting old. In one of the TVCs, the girl is 21 years and in the other, she looks like a high-school student. Therefore, the earlier Maggi campaigns stressed more on the health nutrients, taste and also hunger associated with children. Whereas these current set of films, in my opinion, has taken a huge leap by actually connecting a human insight – ‘maturity’ with the product. In the TVC where the girl wants to go and stay all by herself, her mother questions her decision because it looks absurd to her that staying in the same city, her daughter wants to move out. So, from the mother’s point of view, this is exactly how one would react. But, when the girl also replies that she is doing this because she wants to get independent, it then throws light on her maturity.”

The TVCs:




Client: Nestle Agency: Publicis Creative:  Bobby Pawar, Joy Mohanthy, Sindhu Sharma Strategy: Partha Sinha, Gulshan Singh, SomeshwarMehra Account management: Hemant Misra, Sreekumar Balasubramanian, Gagan Sharma Production House: Breathless Films Director: Vinil Mathew Producer: Swadha Kulkarni

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