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ESPNcricinfo launches ‘Insights’ to further strengthen its content offering

Insights will be the go-to destination for cricket fans during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 around cricket statistics and analytics

ESPNcricinfo launches ‘Insights’ to further strengthen its content offering

Insights will be the go-to destination for cricket fans during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 around cricket statistics and analytics

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 18, 2015


ESPNcricinfo has launched Insights, powered by Epson India, the go-to destination for fans looking for all kinds of statistics and analysis around the World Cup Cricket Tournament. Insights leverages the in-depth coverage and data analysis of cricket happenings across the globe and allows fans to interact with statistics and numbers in an easy and engaging manner.

ESPNcricinfo Insights uses more than two decades worth of world cricketing data points and statistics, mapped at the data and analytics hub in Bangalore, to create an interesting suite of products that aim to engage fans in this multi-screen era.

ESPNcricinfo’s data operations, which tracks various data points around a cricket match, has built various levels of analytics suite to interpret captured data and add a qualitative perspective to the analytics, thus providing an insightful cricketing analysis based on ‘Big’ Data in a manner never seen before in cricket media. The data operations map close to 25 dynamic variables for every ball bowled during a match that is put through an extensive analytics process that is supplemented by historical data as well as the resident cricketing intelligence of the global ESPNcricinfo editorial team.

ESPNcricinfo has tied up with partners such as Formcept India for some of these analytics. By approaching the mapped data from a descriptive, diagnostic and predictive perspective, ESPNcricinfo Insights provides fans with comprehensive insights at any point before, during and after a live match.

Fans will be able to play around with interesting cricket statistics such as player versus player comparisons, across game formats and take into account factors like venue, opposition and results of matches for the previous and current Cricket World Cup.

Speaking about this flagship asset, Ramesh Kumar, Head of ESPN Digital Media India and ESPNcricinfo, said, “At ESPNcricinfo, we endeavour to constantly innovate and provide cricket fans newer and exciting ways to consume content and engage with game action. We are delighted to announce the launch of ESPNcricinfo Insights, a flagship feature that is poised to deliver the best cricket insights based on cricket data of all cricket matches, the rigour and robustness of our global cricket data operations, decades of cricket analysis expertise and sound analytics offering built around them. It is a pioneering initiative in the cricket coverage space and is sure to delight fans during the upcoming cricketing season. It will be of interest not just to cricket fans but also various other stakeholders in cricket like players, coaches, analysts.”

Commenting on their collaboration with ESPNcricinfo, Tushad Talati, Senior General Manager, Brand & Communication, Epson India, said, “When it comes to the most comprehensive coverage of online cricket, ESPNcricinfo is the first choice for most Indians. This World Cup, more than any so far, promises to have a strong following online, given not just the increase in Internet audiences, but also that the timings are not exactly conducive to television viewing in India. The Insight’s center on ESPNcricinfo is expected to be the go-to place for all cricket buffs keen to get all the information and stats around the World Cup.  At Epson, we felt that our presence on Cricinfo during this World Cup made imminent sense and would drive visibility for key products, especially our InkTank Printers and Home Theatre projectors.”

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