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How OLX uses TVCs to narrate relatable stories woven around its brand philosophy

The ‘bech de’ philosophy has permeated through all ads, the latest being the one about used cars which highlights the need for an upgrade in not just material goods but also in the mind set

Aanchal Kohli & Rashi Bisaria | Delhi | December 4, 2015

Click on the image to watch the latest TVC from OLX. Click on the image to watch the latest TVC from OLX.

The online classified marketplace Olx is known for its engaging and meaningful TV advertising, which captures the consumer’s mindset in different ways. Through a series of humorous, slice-of-life spots the brand has slowly endeared itself to consumers, creating a stronger emotional bond with them with each new TVC.  Whether it was the concept of ‘Bech de’ which became a part of popular culture or the latest ad with the tagline, ‘keemat bhi kuch keemti bhi’, each communication has used a life-situation to connect with the target group.

Amarjit Batra Amarjit Batra

So how has the brand managed to use television as a medium to such great effect and why is it investing heavily in TV advertising?  “The medium gave us the freedom to tell stories that helped kindle the latent demand for consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online classifieds in India. We have leveraged the media to narrate relatable stories about how OLX can influence different spheres in one’s life. We shall continue to use TVCs to reach the ‘new to internet’ masses who can engage with online classifieds to fulfil their aspirations,” explained Amarjit Batra, Country Manager, Olx India.

Each TVC has stressed on the key brand proposition ‘Bech de’. The ‘bech de’ philosophy has permeated through all the ads, the latest being the one about used cars which highlights the need for an upgrade in not just material goods but also in the mind set. “Through this TVC we are trying to highlight how OLX plays a role in the daily life of people, allowing them to take decisions that bring loved ones even closer and also make their lives easier. Since car is a big-ticket purchase, we try to make the experience stress free. Thus we took the lead in offering inspection of cars which is a value-added service for the buyers,” added Batra.

The mind set towards used goods has undergone a transformation and Olx has been at the centre of it. With taboos to used goods buying and selling disappearing, there is increased acceptance towards C2C marketplaces as the preferred mode of meeting one’s needs. Used goods are being used as a means to progress in life and there is being seen an evolution towards a shared economy. Olx has been a catalyst in this change and has suitably adapted to these changes. Batra said, “With features like chat, we allow users to connect to buyers/sellers instantaneously. With content across our TVCs and social media, we have also proactively educated customers on how to make their ads stand out so as to ensure that they can sell/buy easily.”

Naveen Gaur Naveen Gaur

Lowe Lintas has been conceptualising many of the TVCs for Olx . Commenting on the evolution of the different TV campaigns, Naveen Gaur, President, Lowe Lintas Delhi, said, “Right from our first campaign, the task on OLX was very clear- we needed more and more people to adopt a habit of selling their under-used goods online on OLX. Initially the focus was on breaking down of barriers, subsequently on app adoption, subsequently on initiating triggers such as ‘purana jaayega toh naya aayega’ and upgrade by selling your less used stuff. Our commercials for OLX have consistently attempted to address these tasks in an engaging but meaningful manner.”

“Simultaneously we were cognizant of the need to form an emotional bond with consumers, as the category is extremely functional and transactional in nature, with virtually no entry barrier and hence the progress on the platform of 'Keemat bhi kuch keemti bhi' that shows how selling on OLX can provide both value of the actual product and something invaluable too. One of our recent commercials beautifully captured this, in the story of Bashir , a Kashmiri local, who sells his phone on OLX to upgrade to a smartphone, and he does this so he can show his friend (an army personnel posted in Kashmir) a photo of the army man's newborn child,” added Gaur.

What has worked for Olx so far are the relatable ads with a touch of humour that speak the language of consumers and give them new and interesting stories to talk about. Smart and efficient use of the medium has gone a long way in helping Olx build its brand.

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