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Discovery Science to air ‘Redesign My Brain’ from October 19

The series, which will air Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm, will shed light on the science of neuroplasticity and how it has the potential to cure learning and mental disorders

Delhi | October 12, 2015


The fastest growing science on the planet, brain plasticity, will revolutionise how we live in the future. It has the potential to cure learning and mental disorders, such as OCD, bipolar disorder, addiction, ADD, autism and some dementias. And its rapid results deliver benefits regardless of age. But how can it improve the lives of ordinary people?

In a new series, ‘Redesign My Brain’, Discovery Science puts brain training to the test. The science of neuroplasticity has found that with specific training anyone can become smarter, increase their memory capacity and reverse mental aging.  Presented by Australian television personality Todd Sampson, ‘Redesign My Brain’ takes viewers on an inspirational journey to learn how neuroplasticity can radically improve a healthy brain.

Premiering October 19, 2015, ‘Redesign My Brain’ will air Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm.

The series follows Todd Sampson from Sydney to London, Germany to California in a three?month scientifically endorsed brain?training programme. Under the guidance of the world’s top scientists, Sampson spends 12 mind?expanding weeks learning to train his brain to improve his cognition, his creativity and the connection between mind and body. He masters skills to improve his mental speed, attention, memory, creativity, innovation, lateral thinking, body intelligence, visualisation and emotional intelligence.

In each episode, he trains with the world’s leading researchers, who push him to his limits and beyond. They include renowned American neuroscientist Michael Merzenich, a pioneer of the brain?plasticity revolution; James Kaufman, also from the US and a global leader in the world of creativity research; and top Australian sports scientist David Martin. Sampson learns the secrets of geniuses, who reveal how they have developed their own super brains.

Sampson is tested, scanned, prodded, pushed and probed then tested again. His brain performance is regularly “mapped and tested” to measure changes and the results are revealed using state?of?the?art CGI graphics. Along the way he learns to juggle, overcomes a fear of confinement, learns to fly a helicopter using only his mind, discovers the power of visualisation, creates an installation masterpiece and represents Australia in the brainiest competition on the planet – the World Memory Championships. In its dramatic conclusion, Sampson must draw on all his new skills to survive a death?defying feat.

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Ruchika Tandon

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, India


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