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Zindagi kick off the year with 5 new shows

While ‘Piya Re’ and ‘Khwahishein’ went on air on January 7, the other shows ‘Maya’, ‘Mausam’ and ‘Ijaazat’ are slated to go on air later this month

Zindagi kick off the year with 5 new shows

While ‘Piya Re’ and ‘Khwahishein’ went on air on January 7, the other shows ‘Maya’, ‘Mausam’ and ‘Ijaazat’ are slated to go on air later this month

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | January 8, 2015


Zindagi is launching five shows this month that promise to engage and entertain Indian audiences with fresh stories, unique narratives and powerful acting. Each show will bring to life a unique story that will surely leave the viewers spellbound. The month will also see some of the biggest names and greatest talents from across the border including Aamina Sheikh, Saman Balouch, Mohib Mirza, Adeel Hussain, Humayun Saeed, Humaima Malick and veteran actors Samina Peerzada & Javed Sheikh on Zindagi.

Commenting on the launch of this new slate and the overall performance of the channel, Priyanka Datta, Business Head, Zindagi, said, “With the launch of Zindagi, we had made the promise of showcasing superlative differentiated content to our viewers. The five shows launching this month not only fulfil this promise, but will also leave a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of our viewers. Each story is unique and has a compelling narrative and will surely make for some awesome television viewing. We have had a dream launch last year and are humbled at the response that we received from the viewers. We hope to continue to entertain our audiences and these five shows are a perfect start to 2015.”

While ‘Piya Re’ and ‘Khwahishein’ went on air on January 7, the three other shows ‘Maya’, ‘Mausam’ and ‘Ijaazat’ will go on air later this month. ‘Piya Re’ is a beautiful love story that touches upon love, marriage, fragility of relationships, sacrifice and acceptance. It’s the story of a couple, Faisal and Ujjala, who are madly in love from a young age and finally get married after much hesitation from Ujjala’s father. The story explores what marriage is really about – sticking together through tough times and through all circumstances, good and bad.

‘Khwahishein’ is story of a girl - Ajia, who, like most young girls, dreams of a fairytale life for herself where a Prince Charming will come into her life and sweep her off her feet. She hopes for a bright and beautiful future for herself that would take her away from her current middle-class existence that is fraught with hardships.

‘Maya’ is a unique story of sisterly love that has the capability to strengthen as well as weaken a family. Set in the beautiful and scenic locales of Murree, ‘Maya’ is a refreshing and delightful show about two sisters Maya and Zarmeena. The story follows the narrative from Zarmeena’s point of view as she talks about her sister Maya and their life together. Having lost their mother at an early age, the two sisters are extremely close and inseparable. Maya is chirpy and outspoken, yet sensitive and very adorable, whereas Zarmeena is mature and responsible. However, a family secret related to Maya comes to light, which threatens to ruin the bond between the sisters.

‘Mausam’ is a story which has the most sought after Pakistani artiste Sanam Balouch playing a double role for the first time. It is a story of love and sacrifice spanning two generations. The first generation of lovers are the star-crossed cousins Roshan Ara and Mansoor, while the second generation consists of Momin and Sitara, whose love is put to test, and what remains to be seen is the fate of their relationship.

‘Ijaazat’ is a compelling tale of love and betrayal. It narrates the story of Sahil, a film director, and his writer wife, Seep. Sahil and Seep are madly in love with each other; such is their bond that Seep writes out the woman of her husband’s dream – Diya, for his upcoming project. Sahil gets obsessed with finding the perfect girl to play Diya and finally meets Pares who fits the bill. Completely entranced by his female lead, Sahil’s love for his wife is questioned as Pares becomes the centre of his world, while a devastated Seep turns to her best friend Behraam for support.

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