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Travelxp channel to unveil a colour-coded world of travel

The channel will soon be unveiling its new logo and theme that will highlight different genres of its content

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | May 15, 2015


Travelxp, the travel channel in HD, will soon be unveiling its new logo and theme. The logo is white in colour, symbolising the convergence of wavelengths of different colours, coming together to form the colour white.

The content of the channel is divided into six distinct genres – food, culture, nature, heritage, lifestyle and destination. These genres have been given six different colours based on the concept of colour psychology that says that colours have a psychological impact on choices and subtly influence behaviour. The idea is to use colour as a stimulus for the viewers to start associating genres with the colours. Colours also add vibrancy and life to the overall brand experience, thereby bringing freshness whenever someone tunes into Travelxp.

Nisha Chothani, Managing Director, Travelxp, said, “At Travelxp, we believe that the future starts today, not tomorrow. With this belief, we are investing to create 4k travel content. For us, it’s an endless journey and an exciting one...The only way to really have a sense of how the world works is too see it yourself. And with us you’ll keep continuing to see more and explore more.”

According to the channel, yellow signifies brightness, energy, positivity and the citrus side of travel – something that describes destination.

Green is considered fresh and healthy. It strikes a chord with the avid traveller and is also the ideal colour that defines the colour of food for the foodie.

Red is considered supreme in many cultures; at times it even defines them. In many cultures, red is considered as the colour of love and in Russia, it signifies beauty. The colour of supremacy and love gives the best definition to culture.

Blue stands for serenity and its calmness gives significance to nature.

Ochre is the colour of the soil and also the colour of the clay used to make earthenware. It has been synonymous with heritage world ever since ancient times. Thus, ochre describes heritage strongly.

Purple is the colour of royalty. In some countries it signifies wealth and position, while in some it is the colour which tells the future. Purple influences lifestyle in the world and hence, is the most appropriate choice that helps define it.


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