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Vodafone Red launches new brand campaign

Ogilvy India has conceptualised three films for Vodafone Red which will run for six weeks. It will be supported by a high-decibel, 360-degree campaign

Vodafone Red launches new brand campaign

Ogilvy India has conceptualised three films for Vodafone Red which will run for six weeks. It will be supported by a high-decibel, 360-degree campaign

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | September 10, 2014

Vodafone-Red-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Vodafone has launched a marketing plan for its new post-paid product ‘Vodafone Red’. Ogilvy India has conceptualised three films which will be released as part of this campaign for a period of six weeks and will be supported by a high-decibel, 360-degree campaign, inclusive of impact and performance touch points across print, radio, OOH, digital and on-ground activations. The first TVC goes on air today.

The brief on which the agency worked was to develop a 360-degree campaign which creates awareness and interest for Vodafone’s exclusive post-paid product: Vodafone Red. The campaign was to bring alive the key features of the product – Combo Plans, Pool & Share and Relationship Manager – through simple stories to drive message delivery.

In the first TVC, which focusses on establishing the feature of Combo Plans, a musician is seen playing a guitar on a busy road, eager to entertain passers-by. But none of them is impressed by him and they walk away. Disappointed, he retreats to his home and gets busy working. He is seen putting together some musical objects and testing the sound. The next day, he is seen at the same location, but, instead of one instrument, he has a contraption of several instruments strapped around his body. He starts playing them all at the same time, creating music that arrests the attention of everyone around. The crowd enjoys the music and applauds. Thus, demonstrating how we all like many good things in one.

The second film is set in a village where the leader of the village is seen getting fruits of all sizes and types from the villagers. He passes the fruit boxes on to the other villagers who are stationed atop a massive wooden juicer. Once all the fruits are put in it, the men start turning the wheels of the juicer. Instantly, orange juice trickles out from the bottom of the juicer. The leader takes a sip and as the villagers expectantly wait for his verdict, he breaks into a smile to show his full approval. Everyone cheers, shares the juice and drinks their fill. It ends with the voiceover which says ‘Come together and Share’, explaining Vodafone Red’s ‘Pool and Share’ feature where consumers can form a group of their family members and pool and share benefits like SMS, minutes and data to optimise usage and minimise wastage.

The third film in the campaign is based in the same village where a backpacker is seen being followed by the villagers. He is seen limping as he is tired from the long journey. The villagers pick him up and help him sit down and relax. One by one everyone comes to his service, bringing him food, drinks and even a huge wooden fan. He is visibly excited and just then he sees the leader arriving in a big-wheeled cycle. The traveller is then helped onto the cycle as he leaves the village with all the goodies given by the villagers. The villagers bid him farewell as a message appears in the end: ‘We all love to feel special’. The third film highlights Vodafone Red’s dedicated ‘Relationship Manager’ feature.

Rajiv Rao Rajiv Rao

Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, said, “The task in front of us was to establish Vodafone Red as a standout from the other plans. Attempt was made to make it more unique and different from the rest, so that people can easily differentiate the features of the new product. The second challenge was in conceiving it and getting into the execution as we had to create a new world and a new place to highlight that Vodafone Red comes with many new benefits for the consumers.”

Vivek Mathur, Chief Commercial Officer, Vodafone India, said, “Vodafone has always been the preferred brand for discerning, postpaid customers. With Vodafone Red, we offer our postpaid customers a new and unique proposition that captures their need for increasing volumes of voice and data through multiple devices across family members. The built-in conveniences, loyalty programme, focus on safety and security and a dedicated relationship manager makes ‘Vodafone Red’ holistic and delightful.”

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